DNP: Without support for Spajić and the reconstruction of the Government if the resolution on the genocide in Jasenovac is not adopted by the end of June

The Presidency of the DNP sent requests to the Prime Minister. If the resolution is adopted, Spajić is asked to submit a concrete plan for Europe now 2, launch an initiative to standardize the Serbian language as an official language, define a standard on non-statutory criminal offenses in the field of organized crime and corruption, standardize the tricolor as the national flag...

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Photo: DNP
Photo: DNP
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The Presidency of the Democratic People's Party (DNP) unanimously decided to suspend further support to the Government of Milojko Spajić until their demands are met.

DNP said that the prerequisite is yes in general, they are considering the option of further support for the Spajić Government, the adoption of the Resolution on Genocide in Jasenovac by the end of June at the latest.

"In the event that the aforementioned Resolution, one of the initiators of which is Prime Minister Milojko Spajić, is not voted on, this would automatically mean the end of further negotiations and the denial of our support to the 44th Government. in Jasenovac also meant the end of his government in this parliamentary majority format," said the DNP.

They further state that if she were to be this Resolution has been voted, and all in order to reach an agreement on the further functioning of the parliamentary majority that will support the Government, it is necessary:

"-Deliver a concrete and time-standardized implementation of the Europe now 2 program, on the basis of which PES won the largest number of votes in the June 11 elections, and which DNP ultimately decided to support Milojko Spajić's government;

- Launch a constitutional initiative on standardizing the Serbian language as an official language;

- As part of the aforementioned initiative, define the norm on non-statutory criminal offenses in the field of organized crime and corruption, especially for those offenses related to decades of brutal looting of Montenegro and its citizens;

- To propose legal solutions and interstate agreements on dual citizenship with the Republic of Serbia;

- Standardize the tricolor as the national flag by the Constitution and law;

- Dismiss a number of ministers for whom there are serious suspicions that they have connections with organized criminal groups and corrupt activities;

- In the annex to the existing coalition agreement, specify and commit to the fulfillment of the above-mentioned requirements", the requirements are DNP.

The Presidency of the DNP announced that it will not support the reconstruction of the Government announced for June, it will not delegate the Deputy Prime Minister, nor the Minister of Transport, which were established by the coalition agreement.

"Determining this position, the DNP Presidency concludes that with the entry of its representatives into this government, they would absolve Prime Minister Milojko Spajić from voting on the Resolution on Srebrenica and would eliminate any possibility of redefining the existing coalition agreement, which would represent a betrayal of the voters of our coalition, because it would turn out that we were always interested in ministerial and other positions in the government," said the DNP.

They add that their MPs will continue communication and cooperation with the parties of the parliamentary majority regarding legislative proposals that they will assess to be in the interest of the citizens and the European path of Montenegro.

"The DNP presidency expects that if Prime Minister Milojko Spajić cares about our party's support, he will initiate a meeting with President Milan Knežević in the coming days to agree on the dynamics of changes to the coalition agreement and the realization of the stated demands. Aware of the fact that the exclusive and dominant responsibility does not lie only with Prime Minister Spajić, and all entities that support the 44th government, we expect the other signatories of the coalition agreement to join in resolving the evident crisis caused by the Montenegrin government's vote for the Resolution on Srebrenica," said the DNP.

They state that this decision is illegitimate, made without consultation with the coalition partners and completely against the national, state and political interests of Montenegro.

"The resolution on Srebrenica voted for by the Government of Montenegro in its preamble reinforces Resolution 819 of the UN Security Council from April 16, 1993, which introduces temporary measures and the obligation to prevent genocide in Serbia and Montenegro with the threat of additional sanctions. With this act of voting At the same time, the Government of Montenegro declared over 30 percent of its own citizens who declare themselves as Serbs to be genocidal, at the same time encouraging national tensions and additional divisions in Montenegrin society," said the DNP Presidency.

They say that with this act, the Government of Montenegro has seriously undermined the coalition agreement "in which it is precisely written that the future executive power and coalition partners will refrain from all topics that go in the direction of deepening divisions".

"The violation of the Agreement is particularly reflected in the disruption of relations with our closest Republic of Serbia and Republika Srpska. At the same time, relations with the so-called Kosovo and the Republic of Croatia are being favored and improved, to the long-term detriment of the Serbian and Montenegrin people."

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