Spajić accused Milović of dating Milatović and said he was ashamed of him

The Prime Minister said that he is sure of the correctness of his decision to propose the dismissal of the Minister of Justice

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Photo: Luka Zeković
Photo: Luka Zeković
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The Prime Minister, Milojko Spajić, said that he is sure of the correctness of the decision to propose to the Parliament the dismissal of the Minister of Justice, Andrej Milović, accusing him of a coordinated action with the President of the State, Jakov Milatović.

The Prime Minister claims that he informed Milović of this decision before his public appearance, where, among other things, he accused Spajić and his entourage of leading Montenegro and PES into the abyss.

"After, when my obligations allowed me to do so, I accompanied today's performance of Minister Milović, I must admit that I am quite sure of the correctness of the decision to propose his dismissal to the Assembly. Truth be told, I informed him of this decision before his public appearance, which ultimately makes his press conference an ordinary performance for the public," Spajić said.

He states that the reason for this is Milović's earlier appearances in public...

" which I very clearly drew his attention, and at times he was ashamed of them, are the reason for submitting the proposal for his dismissal, which could not be submitted earlier due to the work on fulfilling the European agenda".

Spajić said that in the previous months, he did everything for Milović, for his sake, but also for the sake of the 44th Government's reputation, "to work on ministerial activities, in accordance with the trust I showed him and the expectations I had of him".

"But Andrej Milović made his own choice. In this way, he stood side by side with the President of Montenegro in an attempt to destabilize the integrity of the Government and thereby collapse the European path of Montenegro. It is no coincidence that at the moment when both the Government and the Assembly demonstrated the results in chapters 23 and 24 and met the necessary conditions for obtaining IBAR, the coordinated obstruction of Minister Milović and President Milatović is starting," said Spajić.

He adds that it is said that "snow does not fall to cover the mountain, but so that each beast shows its track".

"That's how it happens before big things, but at least the truth of the joint campaign to disrupt the Montenegrin path to the EU and to obtain IBAR has finally been exposed. I especially need to point out that since the beginning of the Government's mandate, I have persisted in the position that no one's ministerial position is immutable and permanent, and that after the yellow and red cards there will be a correction in the composition of the Government".

Spajić said that the Government, as before, must continue working at full steam, strengthening its position in the eyes of international partners and ensuring the improvement of the standard of living for all citizens.

!Therefore, I will submit the proposal for the dismissal of the Minister of Justice in accordance with my powers to the Parliament as soon as possible, in order for the Government to be dedicated and responsible in achieving its goals!, concluded Spajić.

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