Mandić: The discussion or political quarrel should wait until we get a positive IBAR, after that let everyone say what they want

The President of the Assembly called on political actors not to complicate matters and to refrain

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Mandić, Photo: Screenshot/Youtube/Prva TV
Mandić, Photo: Screenshot/Youtube/Prva TV
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I am worried that somewhere in a political game, in the political heat, someone can simply "break things around the house" and complicate the matter, announced the President of the Parliament of Montenegro Andrija Mandić.

"I wanted to invite all political actors, all those who have different opinions in Montenegro, we all have different opinions, but we have one goal towards which we are moving and we have the public views of all those who are moving towards that goal, i.e. who are in charge of that goal do the work for the citizens of Montenegro, not to complicate things and to refrain, because any discussion or political quarrel should wait until we first receive a positive IBAR, and then let everyone tell each other what they want," said Mandić in a guest appearance on Prva TV.

The Prime Minister of Montenegro, Milojko Spajić, announced last night that he will propose the dismissal of Justice Minister Andrej Milović as soon as possible, accusing him of initiating a "coordinated obstruction" of the Government with the Head of State, Jakov Milatović.

The Prime Minister announced this after Milović called him yesterday morning to propose his dismissal, claiming that Spajić is dragging the party, the Government and the state into the "abyss".

Last Thursday, the Assembly adopted seven "IBAR laws": on lobbying, on courts, on the Judicial Council and judges, on the Center for training in the judiciary and the State Prosecutor's Office, on the Special State Prosecutor's Office, on the State Prosecutor's Office, and on the Criminal Procedure Code. A day later, amendments were adopted to the law on prevention of corruption, confiscation of property benefits acquired through criminal activity, on the media, on the national public broadcaster - the Public Media Service of Montenegro, and on audiovisual media services.

Those 12 are the condition for Montenegro to acquire the condition to receive a positive Report on the assessment of the fulfillment of temporary benchmarks in chapters 23 and 24 (IBAR).

The President of Montenegro Jakov Milatović announced the day before yesterday that he issued decrees on the promulgation of ten laws that were adopted by the Parliament of Montenegro in the previous days.

The Assembly referred all 12 adopted laws to Milatović, and he returned two documents for reconsideration - the Law on the National Public Broadcaster - Public Media Service of Montenegro and the Law on Amendments to the Law on the Judicial Council and Courts.

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