Koprivica proposed Raičević as an advisor

Raičević is a former MP of the Movement for Change (PzP)

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Raičević, Photo: Luka Zeković
Raičević, Photo: Luka Zeković
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The Vice President of the Government of Montenegro for Political System, Justice and Anti-Corruption, Momo Koprivica, proposed yesterday to the Commission for Personnel and Administrative Issues of the Executive Power to appoint Vladan Raičević as his advisor, "Vijesti" has learned.

Raičević is a former deputy of the Movement for Change (PzP), and has a master's degree in criminology and security.

In Koprivica's proposal, which "Vijesti" had access to, it was stated that Raičević can successfully respond to the tasks arising from the position of adviser, bearing in mind many years of political experience, and his work in the Assembly as a deputy and member of the Anti-corruption Committee.

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