Spajić: Montenegro is completely with Ukraine, I am sure that the message that Europe is united will be heard loudly from Berlin

"The war conflict on the soil of Europe confirmed the need to provide a joint response," Spajić said

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Zelenski, Šolc and Spajić, Photo: Reuters
Zelenski, Šolc and Spajić, Photo: Reuters
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I am convinced that everyone would have liked it much more if we had gathered with a full focus on helping Ukraine recover after the end of the war, but as the third year of Russian aggression continues, this kind of conference is a real chance to show our friends from Ukraine that they are not alone, said the president Milojko Spajić of the Government of Montenegro in the introduction of the Conference on the recovery of Ukraine in Berlin.

"The war conflict on the soil of Europe has confirmed the need to provide a common response, so I want to repeat that Montenegro is completely with Ukraine, ready to provide full contribution in the implementation of urgent measures for the recovery, reconstruction and modernization of this country. I am sure that the conference will bring many new, high-quality ideas and that the message that Europe is united in these difficult times will be heard loudly from Berlin," said Spajić, as written in the Government announcement.

The announcement states that the third conference of its kind brought together a large number of political leaders, representatives of international organizations, financial institutions, the private and civil sector, think tank organizations, and members of the Ukrainian diaspora, in order to exchange opinions on cooperation modalities in order to provide concrete assistance to Ukraine. in its comprehensive recovery and development.

"Ukraine will win this war, because they showed strength and loyalty to European principles, because they chose the European path and we are on that path with them. The future of Ukraine in the European Union, we said that a few days after the beginning of Russian aggression and we stand by even today," said German Chancellor Olaf Scholz, who opened the conference.

The government said that the fact that an event of this type is being held for the first time in a European Union country is an indication of the EU's intention to show unequivocal support, but also to contribute to Ukraine's stability and progress through its further progress in the European integration and reform process.

"In this context, special funds will be allocated for the economic recovery of Ukraine, and the president of that country, Volodymyr Zelenskiy, emphasized the need to help ensure the stability of energy sources, which are a constant target of Russian attacks, as soon as possible," the statement reads.

Zelensky said that "this war has more battles, those on the front, but we also have to think about economic conditions, in order to enable Ukrainians to have a normal life".

"We see here in Berlin that a large number of countries are with us, we are especially grateful for the help in strengthening our defense systems. One of the resources that Russia is trying to deny us are sources for energy production, we have already lost a lot of sources in big cities. Recovery and the reconstruction of that sector will help not only Ukraine, but the whole of Europe. We must show that Russia cannot cause an interruption of energy sources, whenever it wants. That is why we must use the potential of Ukraine and thus ensure the necessary energy sources," said Zelensky.

The President of the European Commission, Ursula von der Leyen, emphasized that six billion euros of aid have already been committed, but also that the EU will specifically affirm private sector investments in order to accelerate the modernization of the Ukrainian economy, which will be key to the country's recovery.

Together with the head of the cabinet, Branko Krvavac, Spajić participated in a working meeting at the level of the highest officials, which was held as part of the conference.

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