Šavnik: They will restore the facades and replace the roofs

From the arrangement of the plateau in front of the Nevidio canyon, to the construction and reconstruction of local roads and water supply

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Photo: Savnik.me
Photo: Savnik.me
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At the recently held session of the Municipal Assembly (SO) of Šavnik, a decision was adopted on the co-financing of the rehabilitation of facades and the replacement of roofs of residential buildings with a total value of around 100.000 euros.

"The selection of contractors for the project of reconstruction of the facade and roof part of a residential building in the city center is in progress, while the works related to the decoration and renovation of the facades of four buildings have been entrusted to DOO Komunalne nadstvo Šavnik. It is planned to continue in this direction in the coming year so that, in accordance with the priorities, all residential buildings in Šavnik would be covered by this action, which would be another contribution to make the image of the city more beautiful both for the residents themselves and for tourists. ", the President of the Municipality, Jugoslav Jakić, told "Vijesta".

The plan, as he said, is also to arrange the plateau in front of the Nevidio canyon, and for this purpose close to 290.000 euros have been allocated. The main project has been completed, and the selection of the contractor is underway.

"The project, among other things, foresees the construction of a building that will serve as tourist facilities (dressing room, souvenir shop), arrangement of the parking area, as well as the construction of an administrative building for the 'Komarnica-Dragišnica' Nature Park. The municipality, along with the development and implementation of certain projects in the field of tourism, will surely get a completely different definition of a tourist destination in the coming period", Jakić is convinced.

Works in the municipality of Savnik
Works in the municipality of Savnik photo: Municipality

The first man of the Municipality praised the projects related to the continuation of the construction and reconstruction of local roads, the construction of water supply, assistance to farmers, and emphasized that all these projects aim to provide the best possible conditions for a better quality of life for the local population.

"Given that solving the issue of water supply is of vital importance for the local population, exploratory boreholes were drilled in the area of ​​the village of Mljetičak-Dobra Sela, and the borehole test in the village of Malinsko is underway. The project documentation for the reconstruction of the reservoir in Krnja Jela, as well as for the construction of a new swimming pool in the village of Grabovica, has been completed, and the procedure for these projects will also begin soon. It is also expected that work will begin on the first phase of the water supply system in the village of Donja Bijela," Jakić said.

According to him, in accordance with the demands of the locals, several road routes were reconstructed, repaired or asphalted in almost all local communities on the territory of the municipality. The selection of a contractor for the asphalting of the Crvena ploča-Mljetičak road, worth about 90.000 euros, is underway, and the project documentation for the rehabilitation and reconstruction of the local road from the bridge on the Bijela River to the main road Risan-Nikšić-Šavnik-Žabljak has been prepared. The Service for Agriculture and Development of the Municipality of Šavnik submitted applications to the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Water Management, through the IFAD project, for the asphalting of about five kilometers of local roads, as well as for the construction of three artificial reservoirs - watercourses for cattle in the Sinjajevina-Dubrovsk area. The total value of the nominated projects is slightly over 400.000 euros. The municipality will finance 25 percent of the funds, as well as assume the local population's participation of five percent.

To support the development of agriculture, the Municipality allocated 100.000 euros, and provided free use of business and residential space for the veterinarian, so that the work of the veterinary clinic could run smoothly.

In cooperation with the Red Cross, the municipality launched the project "Help in the house for the elderly", which planned to provide support and assistance to the elderly in the area of ​​the municipality and engaged geronto housewives. Funds in the amount of 6.000 euros have been provided for these purposes from the municipal budget.

Regarding the preparation of strategic documents and applicable action plans, the definition of strategic directions for the Communication Strategy and the plan of key activities is underway.

The firefighters were awarded 250 euros each

During the summer, members of the Protection and Rescue Service, in addition to delivering water tanks in waterless areas, regular activities in the field in accordance with the requests submitted by the locals, had more than 40 firefighting interventions. Only from August 8 to 19, there were about 25 interventions in the area of ​​the villages of Sirovac, Bare, Miloševići and Bijela. Due to the successfully implemented interventions, the President of the Municipality rewarded the members of the Protection and Rescue Service with 250 euros each. As he said, the municipality and the citizens of Savnik owe them a great deal of gratitude for their extremely professional relationship and involvement in the past period.

"This summer, they managed to cover the territory of the municipality, which is not characterized by accessible terrain, where, first of all, they were often faced with different situations that require special composure," said Jakić.

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