The people of Nikšić have been without care and help for months

The Social-Medical Commission has not met since March 2, so it has not yet managed to exercise its right, the Ministry says that the rules have been changed and that they will soon form new medical commissions

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Budimir Ratković, Photo: Svetlana Mandić
Budimir Ratković, Photo: Svetlana Mandić
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from Nikšić Budimir Ratković he would like that he is not a beneficiary of someone else's care and assistance, that he can continue to work, that his pension is not 200 euros. Unfortunately, wishes are often far from reality, because he has a problem with his spine, he underwent two operations and his recovery, as he said, is not going very well, he is not very mobile, and his right hand "is like it's not his". He received someone else's care and assistance of 68 euros, and after the one-year contract expired, he renewed his request. However, as he said, the social-medical commission has not met since March 2 of the current year, so he has not yet managed to realize the right to other people's care and assistance.

"I did not know that the contract should be renewed every year. When I saw that I stopped receiving other people's care, which arrived around the 17th of the month, my wife went to the Center for Social Work and found out there that I had to renew the request, which I did. However, the commission has not sat since March 2, 2022, so I, as well as a large number of people like me, are waiting for the commission to be formed and for the payment of other people's care and assistance to begin," Ratković told "Vijesti".

As he said, there are citizens who, since the New Year, have been waiting for the realization of the right to the care and assistance of others. Maybe 68 euros is a trifle to someone, but not to Ratković and other users. Especially not, if you take into account the rise in the prices of food and other necessities, as well as the fact that other people's care and help implies other benefits.

"Imagine the person who has been waiting for that money since the New Year. That's over 400 euros for half a year, there is also a 30 percent electricity subsidy, water subsidies, vehicle registration is 50 percent cheaper, full reimbursement of expenses for you and your companion if you are going to another place, a visit to the doctor ... and much more. All these months we have been left without money, both for other people's care and help, as well as for various benefits," said the fifty-six-year-old Ratković.

Center for Social Work Nikšić
Center for Social Work Nikšićphoto: Svetlana Mandić

As he said, he does not know who is in charge of forming the commission - the Center for Social Work or the Ministry of Labor and Social Welfare. That is why he appealed to both, but to no avail. He did not receive an answer, as well as whether they will be reimbursed for their monetary income and other benefits.

"I don't know who formed that commission. I contacted the Center for Social Work and the relevant Ministry, but I did not receive an answer when there will be a commission and why it is not there so far, as well as whether we will be compensated. It's not just me, it's about a large number of fellow citizens, so I hope that someone will finally react," concluded Ratković.

The Center for Social Work in Nikšić told "Vjestima" that a large number of beneficiaries are waiting, that the commission will be formed soon and that all beneficiaries who are approved for third-party care and assistance will receive the same from the month they applied.

"Due to the previous merger of ministries and the formation of a new ministry, we were obliged to amend the regulations and form new medical commissions. New commissions have been formed and will start working these days. For the sake of clarification, we were obliged to wait for the Decree on the organization of state administration work, and then for the stamps, and for the Ministry to be registered, and then the regulations to be published in the Official Gazette of Montenegro. Taking into account all these facts, we apologize to the citizens who have been waiting for some time due to the above-mentioned reasons", the Ministry announced.

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