If he returns to the Old People's Home, a barricade awaits Dragomanović

Locals wrote to the prime minister and the minister and threatened to block the road. At yesterday's session, the government appointed the dismissed president of the Board of Directors to that position again. She was previously dismissed, because she did not support the dismissal of Dragomanović

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Dragomanović was dismissed in May of this year, Photo: SAVO PRELEVIC
Dragomanović was dismissed in May of this year, Photo: SAVO PRELEVIC
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Yesterday, the Government of Montenegro opened the doors of the "Grabovac" Old People's Home for the return of the former director Srđan Dragomanović (DPS), but in that case he will be met by a road block announced by the residents of Risno.

At yesterday's session, the government confirmed the termination of the mandate of the president of the management board of that institution, Jovana Ćorić, and she was appointed in her place. Ivana Izgarević.

The appointment of Izgarevic as the president of the Board of Directors would not have been disputed, if the Government had not dismissed her from that position in February and, as some media reported at the time, because of her refusal to remove Dragomanovic from the position of director.

Unofficially, Srđan Dragomanović is reputed to be the only candidate who allegedly fulfills the conditions of the competition.

Locals, however, in a letter to the media, as well as to the prime minister Dritan Abazović and to the minister Admir Adrović, say that they will not allow the return of Dragomanović to the Old People's Home.

"... Since his arrival in office, a large number of employees have left the institution, dissatisfied with his management and treatment of both employees and residents...", say the residents of the Risan Local Community, stressing that if Dragomanović is elected director, they will block the way to the Home of the Old.

The Ministry is silent about staffing in the House

Dragomanović was dismissed from the position of director in May of this year, and he was replaced by acting director Aleksandra Docevski, whose mandate expired the day before yesterday.

The removal of the director was preceded by several months of bickering between him and part of the members of the Board of Directors.

For his earlier management of the Home for the Elderly, Dragomanović received a negative opinion from the Supreme Audit Office, and was pointed out to him as a non-domestic person and numerous irregularities in business operations.

Home of the old "Grabovac" in Risno
Home of the old "Grabovac" in Risnophoto: Domstarihrisan.me

It is about the audit of the State Audit Institution on the regularity of the operations of the "Grabovac" Old People's Home for 2019, and the auditors then gave a conditional opinion on the annual financial report, because, among other things, it was not compiled and presented "in a fair and objective manner, in accordance with by the current framework of financial reporting".

Yesterday, the Ministry of Labor and Social Welfare did not answer "Vijesta" whether it is true that Dragomanović is the only director candidate who meets the requirements, nor whether they are thinking about repeating the competition, considering that the residents of Risno are threatening blockades if he is again. elected.

They also did not answer the question regarding the irregularities found by the state auditors during his mandate.

Director previously convicted

"Vijesti" previously wrote that Dragomanović was entrusted with the position of director of the Home for the Elderly in 2019, despite the fact that he was legally convicted of causing serious bodily injury. He was sentenced to three months in prison, suspended for two years. According to the documents of the Ministry of Justice, the verdict pronounced due to the infliction of grievous bodily harm became final on March 11, 2009.

During the mandate, proceedings were also conducted for threats to the President of the Municipality of Kotor Vladimir Jokić. He wrote on Facebook about Jokić at the time: "Viktoria, if she does not respect positive regulations and does it consciously, which is proven for Jokić, he should not be spared but lynched." Not everyone is a vizier".

The media announced that the High Court confirmed the decision of the Kotor Elementary School that he was not guilty, that is, that he did not threaten Jokić's safety.

During the coronavirus pandemic, at a time when social and child welfare institutions were closed to visitors by order of the then National Coordination Body (NKT), Dragomanović organized evening dances with the involvement of a band.

The director at the time did not see anything objectionable in the violation of epidemiological measures, claiming that the musicians were not close to the residents.

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