Danilovgrad in the Network of Strong Cities

Grgurović said that he will prevent extremism, polarization, hate speech...

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From the workshop where the Security Council was formed, Photo: Jelena Jovanović
From the workshop where the Security Council was formed, Photo: Jelena Jovanović

The municipality of Danilovgrad established a local Security Council yesterday, which will deal with the prevention of extremism, polarization and hate speech, and with the establishment they became part of the Network of Strong Cities.

"This is very important for our municipality, and the pilot project is for Montenegro, because we have strategies at the national level, but not at the local level. I think that this represents a significant step forward for all of us and is a real flywheel and an example of how it should be done, not only in the Municipality of Danilovgrad, but in all municipalities in Montenegro. The council that we are forming today in our municipality will be 'carried' by the managers of all services, public companies and people who have contact with people who can be perceived as deviant," said the president of the municipality of Danilovgrad yesterday. Aleksandar Grgurović.

He spoke at the opening of a two-day workshop of the Western Balkan Regional Hub of the Network of Strong Cities.

It is explained that the Network of Strong Cities includes 190 cities in the regions of Europe and the World.

"Our basic mission will be preventive, proactive action. We need to identify and map, perhaps in the younger generations, all people who have deviant behavior and based on that, create working groups and help. Prevention is the key and basis of everything," he said.

Head of the Regional Hub of the Western Balkans Network of Strong Cities, Miloš Bogicevich, said yesterday that the Municipality of Danilovgrad has officially become part of that Network.

Confirming that there are 190 world cities in the Network, he said that they expect that number to grow to over 200 by their global summit in September, which will be held in New York.

"Danilovgrad is our newest member... Our Network primarily deals with issues such as responses to extremism, hatred, polarization and similar types of problems that can be found in every society. These are global problems. They are not specific to any specific community or municipality. The only question is in what format and in what way they are manifested in different parts of the planet, but the problems are common to all of us", said Bogicević.

He added that it is not a question of the Network of Problematic Cities, but of those who want to think about these things.

"In fact, we want to work mostly with those cities that do not have specific problems such as extremism, terrorism and similar types of violent phenomena in society, but also with leaders like Mr. Grgurović, who want to act preventively so that such things do not happen came to establish certain mechanisms, strategies, working bodies in their municipalities or to simply discuss how such phenomena can be prevented", he said.

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