It's never too late to dream: Stanislavka Tereza Bjeletić from Nikšić started painting in her sixth decade

Stanislavka Tereza Bjeletić from Nikšić started painting in her sixth decade

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The golden hands of Stanislavka Tereza Bjeletić, Photo: Svetlana Mandić
The golden hands of Stanislavka Tereza Bjeletić, Photo: Svetlana Mandić
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Her hand was never still, and the colors were always present. Even as a child Stanislavka Tereza Bjeletić she knew how to paint old bathtubs, pots, book covers, she was known for painting in elementary school, and the desire to transfer colors to canvas has always existed. Obligations put that desire on hold. When her parents passed away four years ago, her husband tried to cheer her up at least a little, to "fill" her emptiness with colors.

"He knew about my desire to paint and to 'break' that sadness a little, he bought me a canvas, colors and an easel. I started painting at the same moment. It was in March 2019. The first painting I did was a lighthouse. It seems to me that I neither ate nor drank, nor slept for five days and nights, just to finish it. I recently sold it. I've been keeping her all this time, but why keep things. It is better to decorate and ennoble someone's home. She's been with me enough, she's protected me enough, now it's time for her to start her journey and make another person happy. I like my pictures to travel”.

Ever since she "let" the colors out in 2019, she hasn't stopped painting. She painted over 110 pictures that adorn the walls of her family home, but also of her children, friends, as well as those who win those pictures. Its trademark are bright colors. She tried, she says, to make those colors "a little softer", but it didn't work.

"I start the painting with those softer colors, but she guides me, and I always end up with 'stronger' colors." They give the image some cheerfulness, strength. I simply paint and when the painting and I are satisfied, then that is the color. I love the color contrast, and I love the details. They are very important to me, because everything starts with the details. As for the topics, they come by themselves, I don't ask for them. I often start with one idea and end up with another. It is the moment that guides me and determines what and how I will paint. I tried to make sunflowers that way. Even though I took pictures of them several times, I 'struggled' with them for a month. And then I sat down, repainted everything and made paradise flowers. Those flowers were waiting for their moment, not sunflowers”.

Part of the creativity of Stanislavka Tereza Bjeletić
Part of the creativity of Stanislavka Tereza Bjeletićphoto: Svetlana Mandić

She recently had her first exhibition and presented her works, as well as old crafts, to the audience. She wanted to "bring them to life" with a picture. Judging by the reactions of the audience, she succeeded.

"It is important that a person enjoys what he does, and I really enjoy painting. And I really 'apologize' with pictures while I'm working".

None of the children, he says, inherited a talent for painting. That is why they are grandchildren, and she is happy that their parents do not hinder their creativity

Legal technician by profession, builder and artist by heart

They say she has "golden" hands - she pours concrete steps, walls terraces and balconies, paints, installs floor and wall coverings, but also embroiders, sews, crochets, knits, and since 2019 she has been "hanging out" with paint and paint. Of all the talents she has, she is particularly proud of one – she knows how to love.

Stanislavka Tereza Bjeletić, lives and loves in the town near Trebjes, and is an example to others that you should never give up on your dreams.

"My father was a civil engineer and he knew how to make something of quality and value out of nothing. Mother, Czech, was a seamstress by profession, and I like to say fashion designer. In her time, she was known for her prom and New Year's Eve dress creations. I think nowadays few people sew like she did. She was extremely creative. I inherited all these talents from them, as well as my love for colors. I think genes play a role in all of this and we're just born with it. Well, I was born with a love for art and a talent for construction", says Tereza with a smile, a legal technician by profession, a builder and an artist at heart.

And the soul is always the guiding star.

"Everything in our lives is written down - we just need to follow which side is better and which is worse and choose the good one. I took my talents for art and construction with me from home, and then I entered a house that also has that tendency. My husband Peđa does all the construction work, my mother-in-law knits, crochets, sews too. I came from one rich artistic family to another, so my talents were not lost, but were only enhanced".

Stanislavka Tereza Bjeletić
photo: Svetlana Mandić

When her husband fell ill, Tereza stopped working, retired two years ago, and proudly points out that they have two daughters and two sons, as well as seven grandchildren. She is also proud of what her husband and she have created, but also made themselves. It shows the fence, terrace, tiles, walls... all the work of their hands.

"We started working out of pain. The master comes, charges 'big', but doesn't do it right. Then the two of us decide to build it ourselves - it's good to save money and do better. When Peđa fell ill, I continued to work with his help. He stands on the balcony and gives advice, and I work. And it turned out well”.

The most important talent is being able to love

"I would like people to dedicate themselves more to others. Somehow they have become egoists, they have no empathy, although I think it is there, they just don't show it. The problem is that everyone wants to get rich overnight, and they forget that wealth is not money, cars, houses, but family", says Tereza, happy and proud of her wealth.

It bothers her that people return insults with insults, that they don't forgive, and love less and less.

"Our mother always told us: those who hit you with a stone, you hit him with bread. That's how it should be, even though today many people are guided by it - if someone throws you a stone, you hit him twice. It shouldn't be like that, because if you reciprocate, you're worse than him. If he is a man, that bread will bring him back to the right path, if he is not, neither bread nor stone will. Only you will be the same as him. That's why I say that my biggest and most important talent is that Teresa knows how to love".

And he also knows that it is never too late for a man to realize his dreams. After all, she has already prepared long-term plans.

"I always joke that in my past life I was both a cowgirl and an empress. Not one person at all. I don't feel like I'm 60 years old, but 30 years younger, and yet I feel like I've lived a hundred years. It's never too late for anything. After all, I have plans for the next 30 years, and then we'll see," said Teresa with a smile.

It didn't "care"

They named her Stanislavka because she was the sixth daughter. Her parents, Marija and Milo, wanted her to "stop" giving birth to girls. It didn't "stop". After 11 years, the seventh was born. The sisters are happy and proud that there are so many of them. Parents, too. She was nicknamed Teresa because she often sang the songs of Teresa Kesovia, and she also had a similar hairstyle. The people of Nikšić mostly know her by her nickname, which many think is her name, and the older she gets, the more she likes the name her parents gave her.

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