"Galeb" and "Gazelle" from Podgorica are going to the museum in Pivko

The Government of Montenegro made the decision at the last session, accepting the "Information on the conclusion of the Donation Agreement between the Ministry of Defense of Montenegro and the Ministry of Defense of the Republic of Slovenia".

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Gazelle, Photo: Airliners.net
Gazelle, Photo: Airliners.net
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The Ministry of Defense of Montenegro will present to the Ministry of Defense of the Republic of Slovenia two decommissioned military aircraft worth almost one million euros, as museum exhibits that will be exhibited in the military museum - Military History Park in Pivka.

This was decided by the Government of Montenegro at the last session, accepting the "Information on the conclusion of the Donation Agreement between the Ministry of Defense of Montenegro and the Ministry of Defense of the Republic of Slovenia" which refers to one "supergaleb G-4" training and combat aircraft and one light multi-purpose military helicopter type "Soko Aerospatilae SA-342 gazelle" that were once in operational use by the JNA, that is, the Army of Montenegro.

"During the recent visit of the delegation of the Ministry of Defense of the Republic of Slovenia to the Air Force of the Army of Montenegro, interest was expressed in a copy of the "Supergaleb G-4" school fighter plane and the "Gazelle" helicopter, which after restoration would serve as museum exhibits. The estimated value of movable property - school aircraft "supergaleb G-4 registration number 23647 is 962.368,00 euros, i.e. for the gazelle helicopter HN-45M registration number 12934 is 31.540,00 euros", it is written, among other things, in the Information adopted by the Government.

It should be noted that since the establishment of its own army, Montenegro has decided that its Air Force will not have fighter planes, but only helicopters, and that therefore there are four "super galeb G-4" trainer aircraft remaining, as many as are still at Golubovci airport, which used to fly as part of the 172nd Aviation Brigade of the RV and PVO JNA, declared surplus and offered for sale, but so far, without success.

VCG Supergulls unsuccessfully offered for sale
VCG Supergulls unsuccessfully offered for salephoto: Airliners.net

"As there was no interest in the purchase of the assets in question at several organized sales, the Ministry of Defense of Montenegro agreed to transfer them to the Ministry of Defense of the Republic of Slovenia. Also, the decision to equip the Air Force of the Army of Montenegro with medium multi-purpose helicopters, as well as the possibility of Gazelle helicopters , the costs of their exploitation and maintenance, meant that their retention in operational use was not rational and they were declared redundant for the needs of the Army of Montenegro," this document states.

"Supergaleb" G-4, registration number 23647, by the way, was produced in 1986 at the "Soko" aircraft factory in Mostar as the 27th in a series of those very successful and high-quality light training-combat aircraft that the Mostar factory began to produce for the needs of the JNA the eighties of the last century.

Supergaleb G4 23647 while flying in RV and PVO JNA
Supergaleb G4 23647 while flying in RV and PVO JNAphoto: Airliners.net

It is also the oldest of the XNUMX aircraft of this type that the Montenegrin Ministry of Defense still has.

"Gazela" registration number 12934 is an anti-armor armed helicopter in the H-45M "gamma" version and is one of the last helicopters of this type that was produced by the "Soko" factory in Mostar before the war and the disintegration of the former SFRY in 1991.

This helicopter is one of a total of 13 "gazelles" at the disposal of the Ministry of Defense of Montenegro, which are all grounded and not used for more than four years.

The total value of the two former military aircraft that Montenegro is giving Slovenia is 993.908 euros, and the Slovenian Ministry of Defense will finance the acquisition and transport of these aircraft from the Golubovci military airport to the museum in Pivka, where they will be exhibited as museum exhibits after restoration.

In Pivka, there is already a small, so-called pocket submarine P-913 "Zeta" JRM, which was donated by Montenegro to Slovenia in 2010, and soon after restoration, the R-2 "Mala" sabotage submarine, which was also donated to Slovenia by the Ministry of Defense of Montenegro a few months ago, will be exhibited there .

Slovenia and Montenegro, thanks primarily to the agility and engagement of the Slovenian military attaché in Podgiorica, the captain of the battleship Boris Geršak, have an extremely successful and dynamic cooperation in the field of defense, but also in the field of preserving military traditions and history.

In addition to numerous joint exercises and trainings, as well as multiple visits of the Slovenian patrol ship "Triglav" to Montenegro, this is evidenced by these donations from Montenegro to Slovenia, as well as several donations of various combat equipment and personal protective equipment of soldiers that came from the official Ljubljana to Montenegro in recent years. Burning.

Every year, on April 17, in Tivat, Slovenians do not miss the opportunity to commemorate the anniversary of the death of their greatest naval hero - the lieutenant of the battleship Sergej Masera, who, together with his colleague Milan Spasić from Belgrade, refused to accept the capitulation of the Kingdom on April 17, 1941. of Yugoslavia in the April War, sacrificing his life, blew up the destroyer "Zagreb" so that the ship would not fall into the hands of the Italians.

The military history museum in Pivka was built in the complex of the former barracks of the armored and mechanized units of the JNA in that small Slovenian town, and in the past few years it has developed into a very popular museum and tourist center that offers its visitors a unique view of national and world military history.

Among other things, the Museum has a collection of tanks, armored vehicles and artillery, a collection of military and police vessels, as well as a collection of aircraft.

Thus, soon in Pivka, the former Yugoslav fighter planes of the type F-84 "Thunderjet", F-86 "Sabre", MiG-21 and "Soko 522", and the Romanian attack aircraft IAR-93 "Vultur", which is the Romanian version, will be displayed there. the Yugoslav attack aircraft J-22 "Orao", to join the "Supergaleb G-4" and the "gazelle" donated to them by the Montenegrin Ministry of Defense.

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