They have been waiting nine months for the commission

Some beneficiaries of personal disability benefits in Nikšić have been waiting for an interview since April

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Budimir Ratković, Photo: Svetlana Mandić
Budimir Ratković, Photo: Svetlana Mandić
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Individual beneficiaries of personal disability benefits in Nikšić have been waiting for nine, and some even ten months, for their turn for the social-medical commission that would make decisions on personal disability benefits.

from Nikšić Budimir Ratković claims that he personally submitted the application for personal disability allowance in May of last year and has not yet come to the commission, and that there are those who have been waiting since April.

"In December, there was no commission, and in November only 150 cases were processed. As far as I understood them, it is the same for other people's assistance and for personal disability allowance. I don't know how many requests there are, but eight or nine months of waiting is just too long. Since I am not the only one who is waiting for the commission, it would be good if we knew what it was about," Ratković told "Vijesta".

As he stated, it is not only about the money for personal disability allowance, although it is a significant financial help for all of them, but there are also various subsidies that they can get if they are beneficiaries of rights from the field of social protection.

"There are various rights that can be exercised by users of personal disability allowance, from subsidies, treatment, medicines, spa treatment, aids, plus the financial part, because the personal disability allowance was in the amount of 270 to 280 euros. Since the requests are renewed every year, maybe next year they will be regular, so you won't have to wait longer than a month," Ratković said.

The Ministry of Labor and Social Welfare told "Vijesta" that the first-level social-medical commissions that deal with the requests of citizens in centers for social work have been working continuously in the past months.

"The fact is that the dynamics of submission of requests in the centers for social work is extremely high, with the aim of realizing the right to care and assistance allowance, personal disability allowance, evaluation of work ability in order to realize the right to material security, as well as evaluation for the realization of the right to work with half full time. In the previous period, the Ministry took care to organize commission sessions in those centers with the largest number of pending requests. Regardless of the regular work of the commissions, the Ministry wants to solve the imbalance between submitted and resolved requests by increasing the number of doctors in the commissions", the response of the relevant Ministry states.

They also point out that the Rulebook on medical indications has been corrected to a certain extent in accordance with the medical profession, which will contribute both to the work of the commissions and to the resolution of user requests.

"Since from February, reinforced commissions will continue their work, i.e. five first-level social-medical commissions, in centers for social work, all requests that are pending for a long time will be dealt with as a matter of priority," said the Ministry of Labor and Social Welfare.

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