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Three steps in case of a traffic accident

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Photo: NBOCG
Photo: NBOCG

In the event of an accident with minor material damage and no injuries (when the vehicle can continue moving normally), it is necessary:

  1. Properly fill in the European report, while it is necessary to take care not to move vehicles before harmonizing responsibilities and giving statements,

2. Photograph the found position of the vehicle on the spot, as well as the damage to the vehicles.

3. Report the damage to the insurer, with whom the vehicle driven by the driver who accepted responsibility for the traffic accident was insured.

In case of traffic accidents with major material damage (when the vehicle cannot continue moving regularly) and/or when there are injured persons, it is necessary:

  1. Call the police (you must insist on making a traffic accident report);

2. Call an ambulance if there are injured persons

3. It is MANDATORY to come to the insurer where the vehicle driven by the driver is insured caused traffic accident.

In case of presence of alcohol over the legal limit in the driver's blood, leaving the scene or unauthorized driving of a motor vehicle (driving without a valid driver's license), the insured loses the right to insurance.

The insurer has the right to retroactively collect damages from insureds who lose their insurance rights

Repairs should not be carried out on a vehicle involved in a traffic accident until the insurer has performed an inspection.

If there are injured persons or if there is no mutual contact between the vehicles, the European report is not filled out.

It is extremely important that each insured carefully read the Insurance Conditions, which each insurance company provides with the auto liability insurance policy. The insurance conditions eliminate all doubts and clearly speak about the rights and obligations of the insured and the insurer.

National Bureau of Insurers of Montenegro - NBOCG