Remains of the plane of the Kingdom of Yugoslavia and the story of gold

Parts of the engine of the aircraft that crashed in April 1941, when six people were killed, were allegedly found in the mountains of Albania...

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Photo: Topchanel
Photo: Topchanel

The remains of the engine of the plane of the Kingdom of Yugoslavia, which crashed in April 1941 in the Albanian Vrlet, near Valona, ​​were allegedly found in that area, and the story was published on the Top Channel.

Albanian journalist Marin Mema along with pictures from the field and the stories of the residents of the village of Kuč near Valona, ​​where the plane fell, he described the event in which five men and one woman were allegedly killed. Among the victims, as was said in the show, was the then minister without portfolio of the Kingdom of Yugoslavia Marko Daković.

photo: Private archive

According to locals, the plane was also transporting large amounts of gold.

As stated by a well-known Albanian publisher and former member of parliament Fatmir Toci, a native of that village, the locals immediately went to the scene to possibly provide help, but all the passengers in the plane died when it fell. In the plane, as it is claimed, there was "clinking money", gold ingots, but also dinars.

In an exclusive show, the locals claim that the Greek army soon arrived on the scene and took the bodies and the gold. Former prosecutor Ramazan Ilmica he said that communist Albania also showed interest in that case, so their prosecutor's office formed a case after the Second World War and investigated the accident site, but without success.

Locals and collectors of raw materials collected the remains of the planes and now only engine parts testify to the accident.

Researcher and professor of computer engineering, from Ulcinj Ilir Chapuni, who was consulted by the show's author during the research, said that the remains of the engine found on the spot belonged to a radial-type engine.

"One cylinder from that engine 'survived' with an open block from which the crankshaft and connecting rods of the other cylinders protrude. "Based on pictures, field measurements and comparison with technical drawings and pictures of the engine, it can be concluded that it is an Alfa Romeo 128 engine, which until then was installed on the Savoia-Marchetti type aircraft, which were equipped with the Army of the Kingdom of Yugoslavia," he said. is Chapuni in the show.

He stated that, according to the available evidence, in mid-April 1941, the Government of the Kingdom, King Petar Karađorđević and some gold.

Flights from Kapina Polje were allegedly organized on April 15 and 16, 1941, and ministers, military officials were evacuated...

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