Horvat's cycling adventure from Bar to China

Baranin says he has traveled 11.500 kilometers and is gathering strength in India for another 10.000 kilometers of driving to the final destination - Shanghai...

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Horvat, Photo: Private archive
Horvat, Photo: Private archive
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At the beginning of September last year Baranin Stevan Horvat he embarked on an unusual adventure - from Bar he went to China by bicycle. He says that since then he has traveled 11.500 kilometers and is now vacationing in India.

Horvat tells "Vijesti" that he is currently staying in Goa, India, where he is planning and preparing for the continuation of his journey. This was preceded by rides from seven to twelve hours, nights in a tent and numerous new experiences. He still has about ten thousand kilometers to China.

"In India, the real enjoyment is vacation, the sea, swimming, socializing and riding a motorcycle," said Horvat.

He added that the trip took longer than he planned because he drove an additional three thousand kilometers to reach the only border between India and Pakistan, countries that, as he experienced, do not have good relations, so there are no closer borders.

"I will have one minus, probably, which is Bangladesh and Myanmar because there is a war in Myanmar. If there is any chance to cross the border, I will," Horvat pointed out and added that he is no stranger to war, that he also experienced it in his country in the 1990s.

People are kind
People are kindphoto: Private archive

If he is unable to enter Myanmar, he says he will fly over it by plane, which would be the only stage during the cycling adventure that he did not pedal. He emphasizes that it is the last option.

This is Crovat's fifth time around the world on a bicycle, and China is the farthest destination he has set for himself and his pedals, and Shanghai is the ultimate goal.

“The first time I took this trip and got to Ankara and asked for a visa to Iran, they were closed due to COVID. I had to look for something else, I returned home, bought a ticket to Egypt, after a month, and then I spent the whole winter cycling in Africa, for four months," Horvat recalled.

This trip, for now, is going great for him and he is satisfied. He is accompanied, he emphasized, by a pleasant energy and everything is positive. He had minimal breakdowns on the bike and he fixed them easily. Only once did he fall off his bike while returning one of the many greetings from cars on the road.

"This is the most beautiful trip a person can have, the greatest experience is gained, the most is seen, people, cultures, religions, customs are met. I drove from 100 to 200 kilometers in one trip, and it's hard to summarize what you see along the way," he said.

In India, he charges his batteries because such rides are demanding and he often gets tired. This makes it difficult for him to eat spicy and heavy food that he is not used to and slows him down to regain full strength to continue the journey.

Bathing and enjoyment
Bathing and enjoymentphoto: Private archive

This time may or may not be expensive, said Horvat. He saved for years so that he could go around the world, and in this he was helped by friends and people of good will who financially, through social networks, helped him to go on the trip.

He repays them by documenting and filming each ride and sharing his experience with them on YouTube.

"This could be the cheapest thing in the world, and it could also be sleeping in hotels, riding the best bike, eating the best food, then it would be prohibitively expensive and impossible for me personally. I try my best not to sleep in hotels, I sleep wherever I can, in the bush, I have a tent with me, anywhere when I get tired", says Horvat.

He emphasized that in India they have very cheap lodgings which are a bonus when you pay for dinner and breakfast. He also slept, as he said, in religious buildings of almost all the religions he met along the way.

He also needed new clothes and equipment for his bicycle, but he waited to buy it all in India because, as he says, it is incomparably cheaper than other countries, due to domestic production.

Kindness is the most beautiful memory

Horvat will bring many memories from this trip that he can't even put into words in one conversation, but what he will especially remember is the hospitality and kindness of the people in Iran and Pakistan. He has heard and read stories about it, but says he was pleasantly surprised when he got there.

"In Iran, I knocked on people's doors, they would welcome me into their house, a complete stranger, feed me, and give me a place to sleep for free - everything, just come in." They wouldn't even speak English, but immediately understood that I was a foreigner, a cyclist, and invited me in by gesturing," he said.

He also has to push himself
He also has to push himselfphoto: Private archive

In Pakistan, he recalled, he was approached on the street, asked to hear stories about his adventures and offered food and lodging.

For Bar and Montenegro, or at least Yugoslavia, Tita, the Balkans, Serbia and Croatia, were heard by only a few of the many people he met during his travels. He often has to show them where his country is on maps.

World travelers in Bar awakened the desire for adventure

In an interview with "Vijesti", Horvat recalled how it all started. He grew up on Veliko Pisek in Bar, where cyclists from all over the world came and stayed, because Bar is the route of all people who travel through Europe and go to Istanbul through Albania.

"When I saw that people were traveling with bags on their bikes, I was thrilled. Then I got an idea and said - this will be me one day. It took 15 or 20 years for me to reach the realization, many things had to come together, to collect money, to buy a reliable bicycle, to buy good equipment, to find time, to find courage".

Horvat pointed out that, as nice as it is, it is not easy because he is leaving his home, family and friends behind for an indefinite period of time.

He says of himself that he is a great adventurer, that "this has been in his head and in his body all his life".

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