Trade unions sent support to educators

"Employees should be empowered to speak publicly about problems in the workplace and not suffer any consequences because of it," said the Media Union.

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Illustration, Photo: Shutterstock
Illustration, Photo: Shutterstock
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The Union of Montenegrin Banks said that they are expressing concern over, as they stated, the unwillingness of the Government and the relevant ministry to comply with the provisions of the Branch Collective Agreement (GKU) and enable employees to realize their acquired rights.

"The Union of Banks of Montenegro is closely following the struggle of the Education Union to achieve justified demands and preserve the dignity of the profession. Bearing in mind the importance of the role of educators in every society. In your further struggle, you have our full support and willingness to engage in all activities aimed at fulfilling your requests", said this union.

The Media Union of Montenegro announced that they provide full support to the employees of the Education Union of Montenegro and their insistence on the adequate implementation of the Branch Collective Agreement for that activity.

From this Union, they say that the employees in education rightfully started with the suspension of classes due to the failure to fulfill the promises made during the negotiations for the Branch Collective Agreement, and they believe that it is of crucial importance to persevere in their demands and fight for law and justice.

"Their example should be followed by other employees, who today in numerous professions are exposed to various types of pressure, anti-union activities, work in undignified working conditions and with inadequate incomes. Employees should be empowered to speak publicly about problems in the workplace and to that they do not suffer any consequences, but that it is a clear sign to employers and managers that they should work on improving working conditions. Bearing all this in mind, we provide full support to the educators and their fight against the meaningless of collective bargaining as a form of trade union struggle for a better working environment in Montenegro," the Union's announcement reads.

The union of trade workers supported the educators in their efforts to preserve their acquired rights and respect the Collective Agreement, as well as the strike they started.

"Which represents a correct and courageous act of resistance to the ignoring of your rights by the Government of Montenegro. Our children will not be deprived of education during your strike activities. On the contrary, this is the most important life lesson you could have given them, and it refers to the struggle for rights, dignity and reputation of man. This is also an opportunity for parents, who these days criticize educators, to follow your example of solidarity and support your fight to respect the agreement. In this way, together with you, they will pave the path of justice for our to the young generations. Because what will you teach our youth if you bow your head and falter," the statement of the Trade Union states.

They called on educators to remain consistent and united in their struggle.

"Which is of key importance both for you and for all other activities. In the expectation that the decision-makers will fulfill the obligations they have assumed as soon as possible and thus stop the further collapse of the rights and neglect of educators and, in general, the working class in Montenegro ", the announcement concludes.

The dissatisfaction of educators is justified, the Union of Civil Servants and State Employees assessed and said that they support the strike of the Education Union (SPCG), as a legitimate form of union struggle aimed at protecting rights.

In a letter of support for the SPCG, the Union of Civil Servants and State Employees said that they strongly support the fight of the SPCG to defend the rights, justice and dignity of educators.

"We do not want a society in which the branch collective agreement, which has the rank of law, is simply ignored and not applied without a word of notice or explanation, nor a society in which basic labor rights are manipulated, such as the right to guaranteed earnings and the right to strike ", the letter states.

The Union of Civil Servants and State Employees said that they do not want a society in which pressure and disinformation are used to influence the freely expressed will of employees to go on strike.

"If we remain silent and passive today, the realization of our rights guaranteed by the Constitution, the law and the collective agreement and our freedom tomorrow may be called into question," said the union.

They said that because of this, they consider the dissatisfaction of the employees in education to be justified.

"And we support the SPCG strike, as a legitimate form of trade union struggle aimed at protecting the right to collective bargaining, the right to respect laws and collective agreements, as well as legal certainty and the rule of law," the SPCG support letter states.

The Montenegrin Telecommunications Union announced that it gives unreserved support to the Education Union and all employees in education who, through a strike, as a legitimate form of union struggle, "resolutely stood on the first line of defense against lawlessness, attempts to collapse trade union organization and make collective bargaining meaningless".

"It is clear that the Government of Montenegro and the Ministry of Education, Science and Innovation are the sole culprits for this forced strike. With their unilateral decision not to apply the imperative provision of the Branch Collective Agreement for the field of education, which foresees an increase in the job complexity coefficients for employees in education, the Government and line ministries are sending a public message to all employees that they are not obliged to comply with the law, i.e. collective agreements. Therefore, as was the case until now, the burden of their illegal decisions will be borne by the citizens of Montenegro when more is poured out of the state budget million at the expense of court costs and judgments that will undoubtedly be passed in favor of employees in education," announced the president of the Telecommunications Union Željko Burić.

He also said that the struggle of the Education Union and employees in education is a struggle to defend basic human and trade union rights.

"This is a fight against lawlessness and a fight to preserve the dignity of the profession. This is a fight for a better tomorrow for all current students who these days are witnessing perhaps the most important lecture they have had so far, which teaches them that they must not remain silent about injustice, illegality, disrespect and the collapse of reputation and dignity. The lesson taught these days by the employees in education who are on strike should be learned and remembered by both the employees who did not go on strike and the employees in other industries, because this is not a lesson about increasing wages, but a lesson about not we must remain mute observers of the gross violation of binding norms, non-compliance with the negotiated and signed collective agreement," says Burić, and adds:

"Through the experience of the Telecom Union, as our founder and member, during their four-month strike last year, we learned that there are no obstacles that are insurmountable when there is unity, solidarity and determination of the employees. And then when there are arguments and the validity of the demands. All the attempts of the employer and institutions system, all the obstructions and even the media darkness to which the Telecom Union was exposed failed to extinguish the flame of the struggle for the preservation and improvement of the rights of employees. Therefore, we want the torch of freedom, determination, courage and steadfastness that you lit to shine every day stronger and stronger and that no threat, intimidation, pressure and attack on you will be strong enough to extinguish it".

"Convinced of your victory over the lawlessness to which you, and through your case, all citizens are exposed, the Montenegrin Telecommunications Union, (which consists of: the Telecom Union, the Mtel Trade Union, the Promonte Trade Union, the Telenor MNE Trade Union, the Ericsson Trade Union , the Radio Broadcasting Center trade union organization and the Electronic Communications and Postal Agency trade union organization) remains a partner in your union struggle. which employees in education suffer and which, as a result of final court rulings, all citizens of Montenegro will suffer," Burić concluded.

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