Jakšić Stojanović: 23 major national scientific research projects have been contracted

The Minister of Labor and Social Welfare said that the reform of the entire Social and Child Protection System is underway

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Photo: Nikola Saveljić
Photo: Nikola Saveljić
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Health Minister Vojislav Šimun said that a very important effect of the health department was the signing of the agreement between the European Union and Montenegro on membership in the EU4Health program.

He said this at a panel session on the occasion of 100 days of the new Government of Montenegro, which was opened by the Vice President for Labour, Education, Health and Social Policy, Srđan Pavićević.

Pavićević said that he announced that this will be a series of press panels in which everyone will be able to ask relevant ministers and pointed out that the new government should show a significantly higher level of transparency.

Šimun said that an important result of his department is the membership in the EU4Health program.

"We had continued cooperation with health institutions in France. It is a memorandum of cooperation that allows us to exchange staff and knowledge... We adopted a new list of drugs, which increased the number of therapeutic options available to our patients and doctors. The list was expanded by over 30 new medicines...", said Šimun.

Simoomphoto: Nikola Saveljić

He cites drug rationalization, digitization and health care reform as the main issues.

He pointed out that the pneumococcal vaccine was introduced into the regular vaccination calendar.

A new building is planned in the emergency block in Nikšić.

"The equipment for the angio room in Berane has arrived. The project of the chamber for cytostatics is very important and it has finally been completed. It will be possible to prepare cytostatics and distribute them to other municipalities," said the Minister of Health.

Nišić: The reform of the entire Social and Child Protection System is underway

The Minister of Labor and Social Welfare, Naida Nišić, said that the increase in the minimum pension was the first significant increase in Montenegro.

As she said, "work is underway on a proportionate increase in pensions".

"Everyone who has 40 years of effective service regardless of age will have the right to retire. The complete digitization of the Employment Service is being carried out. It will be completed eight months before the agreed deadline and is financed by the European Union," said Nišić.

Nišićphoto: Nikola Saveljić

She said that work is underway on the overall reform of the Social and Child Protection System with the aim of vulnerable, socially excluded groups.

Nišić said at the conference that the preparation of the Youth Guarantee is in progress, which will be one of the most important projects and will enable young people aged 15 to 29 to find a job.

Jakšić Stojanović: We are examining diplomas, 23 national scientific research projects have been contracted

Minister of Education, Science and Innovation Anđela Jakšić Stojanović said that the construction of a kindergarten in Nikšić and a new primary school in Tvit will begin this year.

"We are creating the conditions for solving the issue of a new student dormitory in Podgorica. A working group will be formed. We all know that the prices for renting out apartments in Montenegro are very expensive, and students can hardly pay for a private apartment. I hope that we will come up with a model for solving this very soon problems", said the minister.

She pointed out that computer equipment was delivered for all schools in Montenegro worth a little more than six million euros.

She said that a tender for furniture in the amount of four million euros has been prepared.

Jakšić Stojanović
Jakšić Stojanovićphoto: Nikola Saveljić

"We started the process of examining the credibility of educational documents and solving the long-standing problem of fake and purchased diplomas. 23 major national scientific research projects have been contracted... We are currently working on the preparation of priorities when it comes to laws and strategies. We are working on a new law on scientific research activity. Done are new regulations related to external testing - three in total, with the aim of improving the legal framework and control mechanisms. The priorities are to amend the General Law on Education," said Jakšić Stojanović.

The new practice is to have a meeting with principals of primary and secondary schools once or twice a month.

Pavićević: The fate of the Institute is still uncertain

Answering questions from journalists, Pavićević said that the fate of the "Simo Milošević" Institute is still delicate and uncertain.

"The institute has no health problems. It has only one problem - finances. We have large debt claims..." he said.

Šimun: Inspection carried out in KCCG and Montefarm

Šimun, answering the question of a journalist from ND "Vijesti", how many inspections of public health institutions were carried out and what was observed, said that a commission consisting of members of the medical profession was formed and visited all health centers in the southern region, in Cetinje, as and Beranam. He also said that an inspection was carried out in KCCG and Montefarm.

"The dynamics are as follows: documentation is taken, then reports are made. Until now, we have prepared reports and that requires a certain amount of time. Not all institutions have been prepared and processed," said Šimun.

He said that his commission "made reports on the work of KCCG".

"It has been given to the Government of Montenegro for consideration. After getting acquainted at the session on Thursday, we will have a final answer," said the Minister of Health.

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