Spajić: We have reached a sustainable solution; Božović: The strike will continue until we receive a written offer

Spajić said that a 10 percent salary increase for educators is planned until July, Božović said that it will be from July 1

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Photo: Boris Pejović
Photo: Boris Pejović
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Prime Minister Milojko Spajić said after tonight's meeting with the Education Union that he thinks they have reached a solution that is sustainable and good for everyone.

"That implies a legal, systemic solution," added the prime minister.

"We are glad that we met and resolved all doubts. There was a lot of misunderstanding. The trade union did not fully understand the intention of the Government of Montenegro. Educators are people who nurture the future of our children and the country, and their dissatisfaction with earnings is justified. We agree on that. it was a matter of modality, how to move forward," Spajić said after the meeting at the Education Union.

Spajicphoto: Boris Pejović

He said that the educators have accepted the solution where there will be a 1 percent increase in the gross salary by July 10. "From the beginning of the school year, the increase will be 17 percent cumulatively," Spajić said.

He said that educators are a very important category.

The main committee of the Education Union continued to sit, after which it will be determined according to the Government's decision.

The Government and the Education Union
photo: Boris Pejović

The President of the Education Union, Radomir Božović, announced that the strike of the educators continues since the declaration of the Government's offer, which they expect in the course of tomorrow.

"We received a verbal offer from the Prime Minister that our coefficients be increased by 1 percent from July 2024, 10, and from September 1 to receive an increase in the net amount, which will cumulatively be at least 17 percent. The public will be informed in a timely manner about the decision of the of the Board of the Education Union of Montenegro on the offer of the Government of Montenegro, on which the continuation of the strike depends," announced Božović.

Bozovicphoto: Boris Pejović

"We are waiting for a written confirmation of that tomorrow morning. This was all a matter of principle. As for tomorrow, the main board will decide on that offer. We will continue with the strike tomorrow as well..." Božović said after the meeting.

He stressed that the conversation was in a "fair and tolerant atmosphere"

"Tonight we finally came up with a formula. Let's see tomorrow what it will look like in writing. We need to see that it is clear to us. The strike continues tomorrow. I pray to God that we finish it tomorrow," said Božović, adding that the Ministry should enlighten them. , science and innovation will not sanction.

Bozovicphoto: Boris Pejović

Lawsuits will be part of the compromise in the coming period.

"If the agency does not reconcile, then we will go to court," said Božović.

He said that he did not threaten the director of the kindergarten "Naša radost" in Herceg Novi, Tamara Živanović.

Around 60 percent of educators in Montenegrin schools have suspended classes since yesterday.

In addition to Spajić, representatives of the Government also came to today's meeting: Minister of Education, Science and Innovation Anđela Jakšić Stojanović, State Secretary in that department Dragan Bojović, as well as Minister of Finance Novica Vuković.

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