An eighty-year-old old woman and her deaf-mute nephew live in conditions unworthy of a human being: Sadness everywhere you turn

It is not known whether the roof is in a worse condition on the outside or on the inside - the sheet metal is destroyed, the beams are bare, cavities on all sides

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The roof completely collapsed, Photo: Svetlana Mandić
The roof completely collapsed, Photo: Svetlana Mandić
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Now I have come to nothing. Four years ago, they ate my horse in front of the house. Now the necessity was great on me. This house, which my late brother built with his hammer, has all collapsed, especially the roof. The beams are poisoned, the sheet metal is destroyed and I don't know when it's worse - when it's wind, snow or rain. It was all dripping, wailing, it was wailing, mother. You can see that from the plane, I don't know where...

That's how 80-year-old Jelena Adžović from Nikšić, better known as Čena, talks, whose face shows a hard life.

Jelena Cena Adzović
Jelena Cena Adzovićphoto: Svetlana Mandić

Each wrinkle speaks for itself, but unfortunately, many have remained deaf and dumb to these stories for decades.

Just like her fifty-year-old nephew Safet Adžović, who was raised by Cena and who lives with her, but also fights unsuccessfully, is also deaf and mute.

Safet Adzović
Safet Adzovićphoto: Svetlana Mandić

"I took ten loads of wood. I also took the furuna, but it's no use burning when there's water everywhere. It falls on me, on the bed, on the stove. Especially in Safet's room it's dripping. He is a severe nervous patient. Sometimes he is in the hospital, sometimes at home. I took him home when he was three years old, when my brother was killed... I put buckets and pans here, but in vain. The entire roof was destroyed, the ceiling fell, the sheet metal was destroyed, something was blown away by the wind. I'm watching when that beam will collapse, that we perish sooner than we think of God, that God takes our souls", laments Chena, while pointing to the roof, but also to Safet's room, which can hardly be described in words.

It is not known whether the roof is in a worse condition on the outside or on the inside - the sheet metal is destroyed, the beams are bare, cavities everywhere, and sadness everywhere you turn.

"If they would fix this roof for us. Necessity struck me, so I made some requests, lamented. Our president helped me with 200 euros, and the government with 300," says Čena.

Jelena Cena Adzović
photo: Svetlana Mandić

She takes the money she keeps out of her wallet because she hopes that someone else will help her and that they will be able to put a new roof on before, as she says, some accident happens.

“I have no life left. I'm bothering you. I suffer from pain. And I'm not in good health either. I have that disease of suffocation," he says and shows the oxygen machine.

Jelena Cena Adzović
photo: Svetlana Mandić

The Adžovićs live in a settlement below Trebjesa and Čena says that while her husband was alive and she was younger, everything was easier.

Rajzo, he says, worked at the Ironworks, he also made boilers, and she would collect secondary raw materials.

"When I was young, I had horses, worked with them. My car is still here. And so until old age, until the shovel. While I was working, I never bored anyone. I procured, mourned, found iron in the waste, wounded children. Rajzo worked at Željezar, made boilers, and so on from place to place. If I didn't get a tuber, flour or bread from my family, or from the peasants, I often had nothing to give the children for dinner. I was mostly thirsty, hungry, naked, and barefoot, but I didn't complain. Some would give goods, some food, and we lived off you. You saved us," says Chena.

An unspoken sentence remained in the air - and you will again, I hope.

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