Inspectors are still checking the luxury hotel in Bjelasica

Even after ten days, the results of the monitoring based on the application for the treatment of waste water from the "Swissotel Resort" in Bjelasica, for which there are no conditions for connection to the sewage network, are not known.

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Swissotel Resort Bjelasica, Photo: Dragana Šćepanović
Swissotel Resort Bjelasica, Photo: Dragana Šćepanović
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Although the authorities, reacting to the citizen's report, ten days ago began to control the way in which waste water is treated from the luxury hotel "Swissotel Resort" in Bjelasica, which was opened at the beginning of the year, the results of the inspection are not yet known.

The Directorate for Inspection Affairs did not respond to "Vijesta" twice asked questions regarding the case, and the Kolasin Communal Police say that the inspection is still ongoing.

Allegedly, the local utility inspector is now supported in that work by the water and environmental inspector.

At that location, which is within the boundaries of the second protection zone of the water source from which the municipality of Kolašin is supplied, and where one hotel has already been opened and two hotels are being built, there are no conditions for connection to the sewage network. The applicant asked to check whether the waste water is treated according to the regulations, before it ends up in a nearby stream. Some citizens, as well as some councilors of the local ruling majority, suspect that the discharge of waste water into the catchment area of ​​the Paljevina River has already threatened the city's water source, but no evidence has been provided for this so far.

The owner of the hotel, the company Ski resort Kolašin 1600, the daughter of the company Ski resort Kolašin 1450 Zoran Ćoć Bećirović, only a few days ago submitted a request to the local administration for a statement on the need to prepare an environmental impact assessment study for the project "System for removing purified water from facilities Q , R and S to the final recipient and access road".

According to the documentation, previously sent to "Vijesta" from the state enterprise of the Ski Resorts of Montenegro, waste water from the private hotel is now partially drained to the nearby stream, which is a tributary of the Paljevinska River, through the pipes of the state Ski Center Kolašin 1600. Newly opened five-star hotel for now it uses the infrastructure of the state-owned enterprise also when it comes to water and electricity supply.

As it is written in the documentation submitted by Ski resort Kolašin 1600 to the local administration, along with the request for a statement on the need to prepare the study, the water supply to the facility is planned from the reservoir that is planned to be built above the elevation of 1.650 meters above sea level.

"Construction of a reservoir and a distribution pipeline, which are a prerequisite for an orderly supply of water to both the entire mountain settlement and the object in question, will create the conditions for the gravitational supply of water to the object. As for the drainage of atmospheric and fecal waters, devices are planned around the buildings to treat the waters in question, and then they are discharged into the recipient," the documentation says.

The project solution of the system, as explained, "envisages the removal of purified water from the connection shafts of facilities Q, R and S to the final recipient". The collector system needs to be designed, the documentation says, "so that it can smoothly evacuate purified water from the hotel complex to the final recipient (stream)".

"The planned solution is to introduce the collected water after it has been treated in adequate devices with fecal oil and grease separators and separators of light oil derivatives from the atmosphere coming from the traffic areas into the shafts which according to the graphic documentation are arranged around the buildings. From the shafts, water is collected and introduced into the natural recipient through a common pipeline," explained the documentation provided by the company.

In November of last year, the investor of the luxury hotel asked the Ski Resort of Montenegro for consent "to perform the connection of used water and atmospheric sewage according to the revised main project 'Drainage of treated water from facilities Q, Ri S (Swissotel Resort) to the final recipient'".

The decision to determine the location for the construction of a local object of general interest - a system of drainage of treated waste water (atmospheric and fecal) from urban plots (UP) 3, 4 and 5, as well as the program task, was brought by the former local government towards the very end of the mandate, in November 2022.

According to the guidelines of the Special Purpose Spatial Plan of Bjelasica and Komovi - Detailed development of the Kolašin site, the collection of wastewater from all facilities on the site of that base settlement, separation and delivery to the wastewater treatment plant (WWTP) is planned. The recipient for purified wastewater should be the left tributary of Duboko potok. There were no specific official announcements about the construction of the WWTP, although several more hotels are being rapidly completed in Bjelasica.

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