A pleasant surprise for all drivers on the new roundabout at Stari Aerodrom, according to Tuzi

Along the boulevard, the new Euro Petrol gas station, with accompanying facilities, another symbol of friendship between Podgorica and Tuza

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Photo: Euro Petrol
Photo: Euro Petrol
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Dear citizens and drivers, we are proud to inform you about our newly opened gas station at Stari Aerodrom in Podgorica, which represents the latest expansion of the network of Euro Petrol. Located on the site of the former Dekar pump, opposite the church and St. Sava gymnasium under construction. In addition, the pump is located on the newly built boulevard, on the new roundabout towards Tuzi, on the most modern boulevard of its kind in Montenegro, which allows adequate integration of the traffic solution with on and off from the gas station, as well as adequate access to the pump from all directions.

In line with our constant efforts to improve services and offers, the new gas station will not only be a place to refuel, but will be a complex with a variety of facilities that will meet the needs of all our visitors. In addition to the standard offer of high quality fuel, including Max Power premium additive fuel, our new facility will contain a spacious market with a variety of products for the everyday needs of all citizens. This ideal environment for relaxation and enjoyment in a pleasant environment, enriched with green areas rich in Mediterranean vegetation, supported by a park with a pine forest, with a restaurant and a cafe, which will be part of this area, will satisfy all the senses of even the most discerning visitors. The adaptation of the restaurant and coffee bar is nearing the end, and it is expected that they will be fully operational during the month of May. Also, preparations are underway for the launch of a modern self-service car wash with multiple boxes and vacuum cleaners for fans of clean vehicles. Additionally, for drivers who want to save, an E charger will be available for electric and hybrid vehicles.

In order to improve the space around the pump, the adaptation and horticultural arrangement of the environment, as well as the installation of adequate furniture for passers-by and users of services, is in progress. Adequate parking space is provided for passenger and commercial vehicles, vehicles of persons with disabilities, service users Euro Petrol Express fresh market, as well as Fresh Drive restaurants, but also stops for tourist buses.

As an additional benefit, users of the Premium Mortgage Card have the opportunity to buy fuel in installments and get special discounts for every purchase in supermarkets. We invite you to visit the East City Gate, follow our social networks to keep up to date with all benefits, promotions, actions and prize games.