Perović does not give 13.500 euros

The Ministry of Finance said yesterday that the Budget Inspection, depending on the outcome of the appeal procedure, will take further actions

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Jelena Perović, Photo: Boris Pejović
Jelena Perović, Photo: Boris Pejović
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Director of the Agency for the Prevention of Corruption Jelena Perović she refused to act on the order of the Directorate for Budget Inspection and withdrew the decision by which she had signed the variables and overtime compensation to herself in March.

Yesterday, the Ministry of Finance replied to "Vijesta" that the Budget Inspection, depending on the outcome of the appeal procedure, will take further actions.

Perović recently informed the Budget Inspection that she did not act according to the order because it was "contradictory and incomprehensible" and that "as an unauthorized person, she cannot act in a specific case". She also claims that the order is illegal because it was passed "before it was decided to exempt female budget inspectors".

In a written response, the chief budget inspector Jelena Perućica she explained to the Agency that "the device of the solution is clear".

"The same means that the salary decision establishing the right to the variable part dated March 20.03.2024, XNUMX. and the decision to work longer than full-time (overtime), made by the director of the Agency, should contain a decision for the employees of the Agency, while the rights of the director can only be decided by the Council of the Agency", specified Perućica in the notice Perović, in which "Vijesti" had insight into.

Perućica also warned Perović that the allegations that the requests for exemption were not decided are incorrect.

"The decision on the order was made on April 02.04.2024, 20.03.2024. year, and the decision rejecting the request for exemption on March 21.04.2024, XNUMX, and was submitted to the Agency on April XNUMX, XNUMX," Perućica emphasized.

The second request for exemption, she states, was rejected on March 22, and that decision was delivered to the Agency five days later.

The Budget Inspection inspected the Agency as part of the annual plan, and the findings were published on March 22.

At that time, they warned that during 2023, Perović wrote herself overtime and variables, for which she received almost 13.500 euros, which, they found from the Budget Inspection, was contrary to the Law on Salaries of Employees in the Public Sector.

According to the first findings, the director of the Agency worked as many as 310 hours of overtime last year, for which she signed an amount of EUR 5.212,10, and she was also on duty on holidays - May 22 and 23 and July 13 and 14 last year. for which she paid herself daily wages in the amount of 536,78 euros.

She collected an additional more than 8.700 euros for work in the Working Group for determining the list of public officials.

According to the data from the inspection minutes, Perović paid at least 10.000 euros more to the salary account of the members of the former Council for the period from January to June last year compared to what is prescribed by law.

"It was established that the provisions of Article 31, Paragraph 6 of the Law on Salaries of Employees in the Public Sector were not applied. The decision on earnings is made by the work body that elected and appointed them...", among other things, the minutes say.

The Agency then, after the findings were made public, accused the inspectors of going beyond their responsibilities, and the media of working against the public interest:

"If female budget inspectors can assume the role of the Constitutional Court, some media can also assume the role of regular courts, ruling in their own favor and against the public interest."

The Ministry of Finance, headed by Novica Vuković, forwarded the findings of the inspection to the Special State Prosecutor's Office, from which "Vijesta" was told that a criminal case was formed based on the submitted documentation.

Even though the inspection warned then that she could not sign her own salary allowances, Perović did so in March as well, which was established by a controlled inspection.

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