New troubles for the people of Kolašin after the opening of the Klisura tunnel: The city center became a main road

After the opening of the Jezerine-Lubnica road, the increased frequency of traffic in streets without sidewalks and with incomplete signaling endangers the safety of pedestrians, especially children who use them to get to school.

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To Mateševo ​​through the center of Kolašin, Photo: Dragana Šćepanović
To Mateševo ​​through the center of Kolašin, Photo: Dragana Šćepanović
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After the opening of the Klisura tunnel, that is, the Jezerine-Lubnica regional road, several Kolašin streets in the city center, which have no sidewalks and are incompletely signposted, have "highway traffic".

The increased frequency on these roads, as claimed by the local opposition, endangers the safety of pedestrians, and especially children who use them to get to school. The most problematic is in the streets of Boško Rašović, Milivoje Bulatović and the part of the street below the school.

Because of this situation, as they say in the local administration, they receive 20 to 30 complaints per day.

"There cannot be highway traffic through two or three streets in the city center. Last year, we warned about the situation in Boška Rašovića Street, where most children get to school. Now the situation is even worse, because the street is still without sidewalks, and the frequency of traffic has increased significantly, due to the opening of the regional road", said the councilor of the Movement Zajedno gradimo Kolašin Bojan Zekovic.

The local administration, as they claim, is working rapidly to solve these problems. According to the President of the Municipality Petka Bakić, accelerated preparations are being made for the construction of the sidewalk in Boška Rašovića Street, followed by more extensive installation of vertical and horizontal signage. With the officers of the Security Department, he claims, solutions are being found so that the speed and the traffic report remain as consistent as possible on those roads.

"We have good cooperation with the police and are working intensively to solve this problem. One of the solutions is for vehicles coming from the regional road to use Dunje Đokić Street, and to direct some of the traffic that now takes place next to schools to the bypass and Milivoja Bulatovića Street. There were never sidewalks in some streets and it is not easy to solve that, but we are starting to improve this situation. In Boško Rašovića Street, the sidewalks will soon be asphalted," he announced.

Boško Rašović Street without a sidewalk
Boško Rašović Street without a sidewalkphoto: Dragana Šćepanović

During the construction of sidewalks, he explained, property problems also arise, so expropriation is imminent.

Bakić also announced that a study on traffic regulation will be prepared soon, and that after that the local administration will be able to make decisions concerning that area.

Unadapted traffic infrastructure for pedestrians was noted in official documents even before the opening of the highway and regional road. This is also the conclusion of the Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan, which was adopted a few years ago.

"Until now, the municipality has not adopted planning documents that deal with the issue of traffic and mobility in a strategic and comprehensive manner. Traffic policy is thus dominantly focused on motor traffic. During the implementation of infrastructure projects, the main aim is to meet the needs of vehicular traffic, while the needs of pedestrians and cyclists are seen as secondary", the document concludes.

In addition to this, a new problem for the people of Kolašin, the problem of the nine-kilometer road from Kolašin to the ski resort, that is, the Klisura tunnel, which is in a very bad condition, has not yet been resolved.

Part of that road is the property of the municipality, while the rest is the property of the long-privatized ski center "Bjelasica" in bankruptcy. The entire length of the road is without appropriate vertical and horizontal traffic signals, without pedestrian infrastructure, and the asphalt has worn out. The state of that road has received numerous criticisms from visitors to the ski center in Bjelasica before, and the road has only been partially and superficially repaired, from time to time. According to what was previously told to "Vijesta" from the Municipality, the reconstruction of that road is not possible before next year, due to unresolved property relations.

The urgent need to find a solution for safe traffic on the section of the road from Kolašin to the Klisura tunnel is a request made to the local administration by the residents of the settlement along that road, who also announced a blockade. They are asking to ensure that they can safely approach their houses on the part of the road that is owned by the municipality, that is, they can connect to that road. The driving of reckless drivers, as the locals wrote to the president of the Municipality Petko Bakic, is a big problem and danger for all road users, especially since the road from Jezerin to Lubnice was opened on a trial basis.

"We demand that you find a way as soon as possible and provide safe access and exit from Bjelasička Street to our houses. Access to and from the road was a big problem before, and now even bigger since the Klisura tunnel was opened on the Kolašin Jezerine Lubnica Berane road. Reckless drivers drive at inappropriate speeds, with illegal overtaking. We urgently ask you to receive us and to find a solution to the problem as soon as possible, because otherwise we will be forced to block the road", the locals wrote to Bakić.

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