Buried Brano Mićunović: The obituaries were given by Đukanović, Savićević, Keljmendi, Terzić, Grbović, Medenica, Mijač...

Condolences were also expressed by the current president of DPS Danijel Živković, head of the party's caucus Andrija Nikolić and party spokesman Miloš Nikolić.

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Đukanović and his wife Lidija at Mićunović's funeral, Photo: Portal RTNK
Đukanović and his wife Lidija at Mićunović's funeral, Photo: Portal RTNK
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Branislav Brano Mićunović was buried today at the local cemetery in Moštanica near Nikšić.

As reported by Radio Television Nikšić (RTNK), the funeral was attended by the former president of the state, government and the Democratic Party of Socialists (DPS) Milo Đukanović with his wife Lidija and son Blaža.

Condolences were also expressed by the current president of DPS Danijel Živković, the head of the party's caucus Andrija Nikolić and the party's spokesman Miloš Nikolić.

The funeral was also attended by the former president of the Municipality of Nikšić, Veselin Grbović, and the official of the Police Administration (UP), Dragan Blagojević.

Branislav Mićunović, the former Minister of Culture in the Government of Montenegro, said goodbye to Bran Mićunović on behalf of the Mićunović brotherhood.

In addition to his family, Đukanović, president of the Football Association of Montenegro (FSCG) Dejan Savićević, Mićunović's longtime close associate Sava Vujović, Kosovar businessman who was labeled as a drug lord Naser Keljmendi, Lottery owner Sava Grbović, son of Vesna Medenica and suspect of the creation of a criminal organization Miloš Medenica, general manager of the Red Star Football Club Zvezdan Terzić, businessmen Žarko Burić and Veselin Mijač, president of the Montenegrin European Party Novak Adžić, lawyers Srđan Lješković and Dragan Milačić, Chetnik duke Čeko Dačević, doctor Zoran Tocilj, model Manda Popović, collectives Lotteries, Džek Pota and Zeta Filma, local board of DPS Ćemenca, Žarko and Dušan Radulović, Rajan Lučić, Milan Krivokapić Kinez...

Mićunović had a developed business in Montenegro, but he was most often mentioned as a person who managed organized crime, which he repeatedly denied.

In mid-November last year, the United States of America (USA) imposed sanctions on him and Miodrag Daka Davidović, due to, as stated, their connection with crime and Russia's malicious influence in the region.

This implies the blocking of their entire assets in America or those controlled by persons close to them in that country.

In the explanation of the decision, it is stated that Mićunović has been a leading figure in organized crime in Montenegro for decades, which dates back to the time of the former Yugoslavia.

"He is best known for illegal cigarette smuggling, which corrupted and undermined the independence of the democratic institutions of Montenegro," the announcement reads.

Mićunović was accused of participating in corrupt activities with one of the governments in the Western Balkans and a current or former government official.

"Mićunović has been indicted... for responsibility for or complicity in, or direct or indirect involvement in, corruption related to the Western Balkans, including corruption by, on behalf of, or otherwise associated with a government in the Western Balkans, or a current or former government official in any level of government in the Western Balkans, such as abuse of public property, expropriation of private property for personal gain or political purposes, or bribery," the US decision reads.

That man from Nikšić was accused of murdering fellow citizen Radovan Kovačević in October 2000, but in 2007 he was legally acquitted, because none of those at the scene identified him as the person who shot.

Mićunović was also one of the defendants in Bari for cigarette smuggling during the nineties, but the proceedings before the local court were suspended due to the statute of limitations.

The investigation included about fifteen people from Montenegro and Italy, among them the then Prime Minister Milo Đukanović. All of them were later acquitted due to formal reasons.

Mićunović was the co-owner and owner of several companies in the field of gambling and construction business in Montenegro.

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