JP Morsko dobro: The line Budva - Dubrovnik will be active until October 1, we will reinvest the revenues in the Port of Budva

JP Morsko dobro said that they will earn more money from this shipping line alone than the former tenant paid for the entire Port of Budva

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Port of Budva, Photo: JP Morsko dobro
Port of Budva, Photo: JP Morsko dobro
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The Budva - Dubrovnik boat line should be active during the summer tourist season, ending on October 1, and the planned vessel has a capacity of up to 250 passengers, announced the Public Enterprise Morsko Dobro. It is to be expected that a one-way ticket will cost 55 euros, and a return ticket will cost 69 euros, while the sailing time will be around two hours, the announcement added.

Earlier today, the Minister of Transport and Maritime Affairs, Filip Radulović, said at a press conference that the "Kompas" ship, which will connect Budva and Dubrovnik this summer, will start operating on June 29, with two trips a day.

JP Morsko has said that they will earn more money from this shipping line alone than the former tenant paid for the entire Port of Budva.

"Given that the Public Enterprise is not a profitable company, it will reinvest all the funds it earns in the Port of Budva, both in capacity expansion and in increasing the quality of infrastructure and services. As we rounded off the success story with the ferry line Kamenari - Lepetane, we are sure of that that we will also implement this project to the satisfaction of all citizens, within the given deadlines," the announcement states.

This company said that, in order to start the Budva - Dubrovnik line as soon as possible, they initiated a meeting with representatives of the future operator of the company "Kompas" and toured the area where the mentioned line will run and where passengers will be boarded and disembarked.

"On that occasion, we jointly determined the variants of the organization of the space itself: boarding, tying, passport control, waiting rooms, so in the coming period we will undertake all activities to adapt this space and bring it to its intended purpose, and everything will be ready by June 29.06.2024, XNUMX, when the first sailing on this line is planned.

It is more than clear to the public what benefits this line brings to Budva and Montenegro, both in terms of bringing a large number of high-paying guests - tourists, reducing congestion in road traffic and generally promoting and increasing the attractiveness of the tourist destination, the fruits of which will surely be enjoyed by all citizens of Montenegro ", concludes the announcement of JP Morsko dobro.

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