To save the center from the ambitions of investors

There are more and more requests for the development of an urban project to protect the inner core of Kolašin from destruction, because there is no way to change the Detailed Urban Plan "Center".

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Detail from Kolašin, Photo: Dragana Šćepanović
Detail from Kolašin, Photo: Dragana Šćepanović
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Members of the opposition Movement Together we are building Kolašin (DPS, SDP, SD and non-party figures) Marta Šćepanović i Balša Cvetković they proposed to the competent parliamentary committee to convene a session to discuss the preparation of the Urban Planning Project for the inner city core.

Those of the President of the Committee for Spatial Planning, Communal Affairs and Traffic Milička Bulatović remind that "as a key problem in the investment wave of construction in the municipality of Kolašin, the issue of the city center and the valid Detailed Urban Plan (DUP) 'Center' was raised".

"During the drafting of amendments to the Spatial Urban Plan (SUP) of Kolašin, at several meetings of representatives of the Municipality, planners and representatives of the Ministry, the question of the city center and the valid DUP Centar was raised as a key problem in the investment wave of construction. That is, the question was asked how to protect the city center, the area of ​​the upper square, the main street, the lower square to the Hotel Bjanke in the fastest and most efficient way, through the adoption of amendments to the PUP.... that zone", the councilors explained.

They remind that the Municipality proposed in its remarks to expand the boundaries of the Urban Project along Boška Rašovića Street. Šćepanović and Cvetković ask the President of the Committee to ask the competent ministry for explanations "regarding the preparation of the Urban Project, which the municipality insisted on from the very beginning."

"It is the only way to preserve the appearance of the city center from construction in the maximum dimensions stipulated by the current DUP, which is already being done and planned to a large extent. It is already clear that the announced changes to the DUP "Centar" have not even started, which means that we cannot expect its entry into force for at least three years, and the adoption of the changes to the PUP will not solve that problem, which is all unacceptable for our city ", the movement councilors wrote to Bulatović.

They explain that with their initiative they want to protect "the core of the city and its ambient values ​​from urban destruction". Through the preparation of the Urban Project, which would define the external appearance of buildings and cultural assets and which would become part of the PUP, as they say, the protection of that zone would be enabled.

Bulatović was invited to invite representatives of the relevant ministry, local executive authorities, the media, as well as representatives of the civil sector, and above all the NGOs Zeleni Kolašin and Kana, to the board meeting.

The meeting of the Committee with the topic proposed by the opposition councilors, Bulatović told "Vijesta", will be convened soon. He explained that it could be as early as next week.

"Of course, the Board session dedicated to the proposal for the preparation of the Urban Planning Project for the city center will be held. However, since the proponents requested the participation of representatives of the civil sector, the ministry, and the executive authority, it is necessary to ensure their participation, so we are working on that. In any case, the Board session will be held as soon as those conditions are met, and it is very possible next week," said the Chairman of the Board.

As the Green Kolašin Initiative announced a few months ago, construction is still underway in that city according to the plan adopted in 2008. As they claim, since the adoption of the Decision on Amendments to the DUP "Centar", nothing has happened that would prevent the destruction of space in the city center. In March, they announced that, according to the information they have, the contract with the manager of the planning document had not been signed until then.

The petition, signed by 152 Kolašin women and men from Kolašin at the beginning of last year, requested the invalidation of the existing plan and turned to the local self-government with a proposal and the way in which it could be done. The local administration never responded to that initiative.

For the conclusion that construction would be suspended in the city center, except for that on public infrastructure, until the amendments and additions to the DUP are adopted, the councilor of the Movement Zajedno gradimo Kolašin asked for support from his colleagues in the local parliament. Bojan Zekovic. That conclusion, by decision of the ruling majority, was never included in the agenda at the meeting of the Council of Ministers.

As the architect dr. told "Vijesti" last year Sonja Radović Jelovac, who is at the head of the working team for the development of the PUP, the fact that it was built according to the DUP from 2007, preceded the Draft Amendments and Supplements to the PUP.

Given that the city center, said Radović Jelovac, represents a particularly characteristic whole, with objects (cultural assets) of national importance, and is characterized as an area where more significant and complex construction is to come, a careful planning approach is needed. According to her, the mechanisms that can be implemented for the controlled construction of that part of the city while the preparation of the PUP is ongoing can be the controlled issuance of urban-technical conditions (UTU) for that zone of the city and the controlled issuance of consent to conceptual solutions by the chief city and state architect.

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