Budva: Municipal inspection sealed the business building, they will file a criminal complaint if they continue construction

The head of the Municipal Inspection and Police said that if the investor continues the work, criminal charges will be filed.

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Photo: Vuk Lajović
Photo: Vuk Lajović
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The municipal inspection sealed the future business and residential ground floor building in the city center on the promenade itself, after the investor NS continued to build despite the decision to prohibit the execution of works.

This was announced to "Vijesti" by the head of the Municipal Inspection and Police, Vladan Braunović.

Braunović said that if the investor continues the work, a criminal complaint will be filed.

As a reminder, "Vijesti" announced last week that the Municipal Inspection submitted the complete case files to the Budva Security Department for further processing.

but the object will be sealed
photo: Vuk Lajović

In early February, after the investor NS reported the reconstruction, the municipal inspectors sent a letter to the competent Urban and Construction Inspectorate, which did not react.

Namely, the investor, as "News" was told by the Municipal Police, reported the reconstruction of the building, an old house, which in the cadastral records on plot 2170 KO Budva is kept as a business and residential building, announcing that he was forced to make the ground level, which is 60 centimeters below the zero level, i.e. the sidewalk and the road, raise it by 65 centimeters, with the explanation that the ground floor will flood due to the construction of the road. As he stated, the reconstruction is being carried out in the existing dimensions and the existing number of floors.

The municipal inspector immediately goes to the field and finds that the old building has been demolished, and that a completely new one is being built, with the ground floor being raised.

In a letter dated February 9, referring to Article 62 of the Law on Administrative Procedure for further action in accordance with the competences, the written initiative is submitted to the Urban and Construction Inspection of the Ministry of Spatial Planning, Urbanism and State Property for further action. However, there was no feedback, nor did the inspection react.

The works continued, so that the building was practically completed, but the communal inspector went to the field on May 22, because the investor was carrying out works in the first and exclusive zone for the Budva municipality, despite the entry into force of the ban on carrying out works.

The inspector then draws up a report and again informs the Urban and Construction Inspection in a letter on May 23 that it will carry out an inspection in accordance with its competences. However, the inspection did not respond to the second letter from Budva either.

As told to Vijesti, on May 30, the municipal inspector went out to the field again, and issued a decision banning the execution of works, referring to the authority he has, which is the prohibition of the execution of works during the tourist season.

Despite the adopted solution, the investor continued with the works, which is why the building was sealed.

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