Nikšić: Completed reconstruction of Voja Deretić Street, the value of the works is almost 440.000 euros

A new fire station is being built at the end of the street, and once the fire department in Nikšić was named after the revolutionary Deretić

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Photo: Svetlana Mandić
Photo: Svetlana Mandić
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The reconstruction of Voja Deretić Street under Trebjes, in Nikšić, was completed, and the completion of the works was made official by the leaders of the local administration, the presidents of the Municipality and the Municipal Assembly, Marko Kovačević and Nemanja Vuković with their associates, and Predrag Deretić, the grandson of Voj's brother, who came to Nikšić for the first time .

The value of the works on the street, which is about 750 meters long, is almost 440.000 euros.

According to Kovačević, the reconstruction is an example of teamwork of local self-government. He expressed his satisfaction that the descendant of Voj Deretić, Predrag, came to Nikšić only for the completion of the works.

"We wanted to somehow preserve the memory of Voj Deretić in this way. By reconstructing this street, we aesthetically beautified this part of the city and improved the safety of pedestrians and drivers. I am proud of everything we have done together and in the coming period we will try to have more more projects like this," Kovačević said.

A new fire station is being built at the end of the street, and once the fire department in Nikšić was named after the revolutionary Deretić. According to Kovačević, the Directorate for Capital Investments has announced a tender for the second and third phases of the fire station, so that they will be completed by the middle of next year.

"We, as a local self-government, are determined to work, and we see that the citizens see that we are working, and then that gives us an additional incentive to have as many projects as possible in the future," said Kovačević.

The President of the Municipal Assembly Nemanja Vuković said that Voja Deretić Street is one of the most important in Nikšić and that its reconstruction was done according to the most modern standards.

"We also got a bicycle and walking path, a green belt, a parking lot, everything that is necessary for a road," said Vuković.

Vuković pointed out that Trebjesa is the most beautiful resource, and he also announced new projects concerning the Trebjesa Forest Park.

"The project for the rear sports and recreational zone is coming to an end, and we expect that a tender in the amount of around two million euros will soon be announced, followed by the project for arranging the space around King Nikola's Castle, so these are projects that are part of the mosaic and part of our vision of how to use Trebjesa, how to raise the quality of life of our fellow citizens to the highest possible level. "The most important thing for this street, which has been extremely unsafe and in extremely bad condition for years, is that we raised traffic safety to the highest level," said Vuković.

He thanked MP Jovan Vučurović who contributed to providing funds for the reconstruction of Voja Deretića Street.

"I would like to point out two important things - the first is that the memory of my Deretić family is preserved, that the street retains its name and that it has been reconstructed in this way, and the second is that today is my first time in Nikšić and I am glad that I came," he said. Predrag Deretić thanked the local administration for the invitation and for preserving the memory of his ancestors.

Jelena Šekarić, secretary of the Secretariat for Investments and Projects, said that the reconstruction project was carried out in two phases.

"In the first phase, the reconstruction of the connection on Trebješka Street was carried out and the value of the works is 216.000 euros and it was financed from the local budget. The contractor was 'Akropolis', which completed the work within the deadline. The second phase related to the rehabilitation of the street and the deadline for its completion was 40 days, the contractor is 'Ravno' from Plužine. The work was supervised by the Nikšić Designing and Planning Agency. The second phase cost about 220.000 euros and these funds were provided from the capital budget," said Šekarić.

Voja Deretić Street, according to the Secretary of the Secretariat for Communal Affairs and Traffic, Vidak Krtolica, now has all the necessary traffic signals.

"We did it according to all traffic regulations. Part of the asphalt platforms with lighting at night, two asphalt lying policemen, sidewalks, bicycle paths, pedestrian zone, we will lower the traffic speed to the speed that is suitable for the city. We have raised the safety of pedestrians to the highest possible level", emphasized Secretary Krtolica and added that the installation of asphalt platforms with lighting throughout the city will follow.

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