"Luča" for 72 high school students from Nikšić

Along with the "Luča" diploma, the Municipality of Nikšić presented the graduates with gifts, and the President of the Municipality, Marko Kovačević, presented them with gifts.

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Photo: Svetlana Mandić
Photo: Svetlana Mandić
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Graduates of the Nikšić high school "Stojan Cerović" who during primary and secondary school only knew about A's, as well as those who had excellent results, were presented with "Luča" diplomas at an appropriate ceremony held in the Nikšić theater. Out of 192 high school graduates, 72 received "Luča" and 23 of them received "Luča I", while 49 high school students received "Luča II".

The director of the Gymnasium, Dušan Kilibarda, said that this institution and its students have always been a source of pride not only for Nikšić, but also for Montenegro, as demonstrated by this generation, and the graduates, as he pointed out, were excellent not only in teaching, but also extracurricular activities, and they showed excellent results in passing the matriculation exam.

"Our High School has always been a school of national importance, and even more importantly, it has preserved what many schools have not - the desire for success and the spirit of community. It took a lot of effort, persistence and enthusiasm to get excellent grades in all subjects and be excellent for 13 years of schooling. It is a great personal achievement for the students' parents, our Gymnasium, the municipality of Nikšić and the Republic of Montenegro. Lučonoše, you are the greatest pride of the Gymnasium, our greatest investment, and an exceptional human resource of the municipality of Nikšić and Montenegro", said Kilibarda, adding that the professors have prepared this generation for a successful continuation of education in Montenegro and at prestigious universities abroad.

Kilibardphoto: Svetlana Mandić

Along with the "Luča" diplomas, the municipality of Nikšić also presented the graduates with gifts, and the president of the municipality, Marko Kovačević, presented them with gifts.

"Don't ever forget this feeling and who you are today, because it will be the strength from which you will draw all that you need to draw for all future victories and academic heights that you should reach by leaving Nikšić and Gymnasium today, but always remaining this children and these successful students that we are proud to present to the public today", said Kovačević.

Kovacevicphoto: Svetlana Mandić

Jovan Lasica spoke on behalf of the recipients of the "Luča" diploma, who said that they were honored to have been students of the famous high school in Nikšić, through whose corridors, in its more than century-long history, passed the cultural elite - the bravest and most free-thinking intellectuals, revolutionaries, athletes, artists, scientists. As he pointed out, the recent results of the matriculation exam showed that Nikšić High School is still the best school in Montenegro.

"Innumerable awards at municipal, state and international competitions, as well as at competitions announced from almost all spheres of education, are a reflection of the quality education that this institution offers, but also of the exceptional student mentality that Nikšić's high school students carry within them", said Lasica and thanked to the professors who were their life teachers and selfless pedagogues, as well as to the generation without whom nothing that has been achieved would have been possible.

weaselphoto: Svetlana Mandić

The winners of the "Luča I" diploma are: Andela Milović, Nela Vojinović, Teodora Mušikić, Jelena Raičević, Dunja Vučinić, Sofija Vulanović, Danka Milić, Milena Gardašević, Saška Ljujić, Nađa Knežević, Anja Mitrić, Aleksandra Nikolić, Lara Spasojević, Jovan Lasica, Vladana Lalatović, Katarina Lončar, Milica Radulović, Ilija Mićanović, Novak Koprivica, Jelena Grubač, Sofija Vučurović, Jovana Mićanović and Simon Knežević.

"Luča II" was awarded to: Igor Veličković, Luka Perović, Aleksa Đurković, Maša Rakočević, Valentina Ognjenović, Milica Đilas, Nebojša Vojinović, Andrea Dendić, Vasilije Jovanović, Dino Fatić, Katarina Jaredić, Dijana Ćorović, Nikola Perišić, Miloš Đurđevac, Jovana Matijašević, Filip Milović, Lana Knežević, Đorđe Anđelić, Jovana Blečić, Nikola Andelić, Bojana Dorongić, Luka Jakić, Ivona Jovović, Natalija Musicić, Stanka Jauković, Duška Karadžić, Maša Subotic, Uroš Vujisić, Jelena Eraković, Borislav Zečević, Andrea Vlahović, Ilija Backović, Elena Ćetković, Relja Jakšić, Nevena Jaredić, Nemanja Jelić, Milena Kopčalić, Sara Krcunović, Sanja Mitrović, Marija Radulović, Tijana Vulanović, Dunja Đurović, Martina Krivokapić, Ana Radulović, Iva Tadić, Petar Vujadinović, Vera Živković, Maša Popović and Ljubo Kaluđerović.

The program was led by Mina Vujović and Andrej Knežević, and the reciters Ana Ćipranić and Dušan Bulatović and the choir of the Music School "Dara Čokorilo" and Gymnasium took part.

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