The Jovović family needs help: The state pays for Tamara's operation, but not for the escort

Tamara's parents are asking for financial help to buy tickets, pay the costs of obtaining visas, translating documents, and hotel accommodation while Tamara is in intensive care.
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Dragan and Aleksandra Jovović, Photo: Boris Pejović
Dragan and Aleksandra Jovović, Photo: Boris Pejović
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Tamara Jovović is 11 years old. He cannot play or walk normally.

"Everything turns black," says her father Dragan.

From her heart, instead of two, only one blood vessel comes out.

Tamara's severe congenital heart defect was discovered on the second day of her life, in the hospital in Cetinje, where she was born in 2006.

The girl was then referred to the Clinical Center, where a diagnosis was made. This is followed by a departure for Belgrade and a palliative operation. This procedure, however, does not solve the problem permanently, but keeps the patients alive until the final decision.

After that, in 2012, Tamara underwent surgery in London, at Great Ormond Street Hospital, where a central aortic-pulmonary shunt was implanted. The doctor then told them that the operation would give results, but also that Tamara would have two more operations.

Dragan says that the operation in Britain five years ago would have been nothing if he had not fought. In the end, the treatment costs were paid by the state.

Tamara was again instructed to go to London, where a new operation is scheduled for April 20. Two weeks after her 11th birthday.

The health fund, according to the family, will once again bear the costs of treatment in the amount of 45.000 pounds, as well as the costs of transporting the procedure. For travel and visa expenses six years ago, the Fund paid 1.744 euros in advance to the family.

"They told us that it is not possible now," said Dragan, adding that those costs will be reimbursed upon their return, after they have submitted invoices and other necessary documentation to the Fund.

Tamara's parents are asking for financial help in order to buy tickets, pay the costs of obtaining visas, translating papers, and staying in a hotel while Tamara is in intensive care.

"I'm going with her as an escort, because she's a minor, but I can't be with her in the hospital while she's in intensive care. And London is expensive, I realized that last time we were there. We are not asking for money to get rich, just as much as we need to take the child and be with her," says Dragan.

The Jovovićs live in Cetinje. Until Tamara was six years old, after her second heart operation, they lived in a dilapidated stone house, in the village of Ošanik in Podlovćen, without electricity or water. It was the only house in the village and it was difficult to reach it even with an all-terrain vehicle. Because of Tamara, they moved to Cetinje, where they live as tenants.

Gyro account for assistance in Prva banka

Dragan and his wife Aleksandra do not work. They have three more girls. Dragan occasionally does physical work. The Jovovics are the beneficiaries of the family's material security, and they receive care and help from others in the girl's name. From that, they pay the monthly rent, which is 100 euros.

Tamara is the oldest of four children in the Jovović family. Her parents say that everyone comes out to meet the girl at the "Njegoš" Elementary School, where she is in the fifth grade.

"The classroom was moved from the attic to the ground floor, and the teachers carried her we don't even know how many times, when she got sick," Aleksandra and Dragan say.

The Jovovics are asking everyone who is able to help them continue her treatment.

Payment can be made to giro account number: 535-2000100022475-11 at Prva banka in the name of Dragan Jovović.

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