Reader reporter


In the "Vijesti" editorial office, we actively listen to the needs of citizens, there are numerous stories that were created thanks to cooperation with readers and visitors of the portal and the printed edition. Since the beginning of the portal, we have included readers in the creation of content, so today we have a treasure trove of photo and video materials that our editorial office received from you.

The "Vijesti" editorial office, like over 20 other media outlets, now uses the Active Citizen Reporting (ECR) tool, a platform developed by the Balkan Research Network (BIRN).

ECR helps the media to hear from citizens about topics that interest them. At the same time, the tool is intended for citizens - through the ECR form, in a safe and secure way, you can send proposals to the editorial office for topics you are thinking about.

We invite you to actively involve and participate in the creation of stories, because who can know better about the bad, but also the good things in a community than the people from that community?

Using the form below, you can submit a story proposal at any time. It is only necessary to provide a description of what it is about, and if you have it, you can also send multimedia content (photos, video) to the editorial office.

After that, your proposals will be considered and processed by the journalists of the "Vijesti" newsroom, in the manner required by professional standards - we will investigate your allegations and send questions to relevant interlocutors, individuals, institutions, businesses...

After detailed processing of all allegations, the stories will be published in the printed edition and on the "Vijesti" portal.

Thanks for participating in content creation!