Add gas, don't brake and win Toyota Aygo X!

Are you brave enough to step on the gas and leave it all behind? "DO NOT STOP - WIN" is the biggest prize game in which we all want to participate, because the prize is something that will be remembered forever!

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Photo: Meridianbet
Photo: Meridianbet

Start your ride through an incredible journey that takes place from October 16th until January 15th, 2024. The game directed by the Meridinbet sportsbook will take you through an unforgettable online ride this winter, and all you need is a minimum deposit of €100 and you automatically enter the world of excitement, online betting and guaranteed casino fun!

If you don't have an online account yet, do so now register on the site or via the Meridianbet mobile application – the best welcome ever awaits you! Immediately after the verification of the order, the perfect gift arrives: €50 bonus + 10 gift rounds on the Win&Go game!

And, then get ready to jump into the sweepstakes that could allow you to become a proud car owner Toyota AygoX!

How does the sweepstakes work "DON'T STOP - WIN"?

If you are over 18 years old and have a residence in Montenegro, don't wait! Register your account at or simply log in if you already have one. With a deposit of €100, you enter the game and receive a unique code for your place in this unforgettable competition.

If you decide to pay a larger amount of deposit, it will potentially provide you with a larger number of vouchers, which means that the chances of winning a car are even higher!

Namely, this prize game consists of six stages, each lasting 15 days and offering you six opportunities to win virtual vouchers.

Win a unique code to participate in the game as follows:

  • Deposit payment from €100,00 to €299,00 - one voucher
  • Deposit payment from €300,00 to €599,00 - two vouchers
  • Deposit payment from €700,00 to €999,00 - three vouchers
  • Deposit payment of €1.000,00 and more - four vouchers

The deadline for participation in this game is January 15, while the results will be published on the official promo page.

You can win a maximum of 24 vouchers for participating in the game, which means that your chances of winning this luxury wonder, the Toyota Aygo X, are higher than ever. And the more deposits you make, the more vouchers you win. "Less is more" doesn't apply here, because more vouchers mean more chances to win this beautiful machine!

When we think of the main prize - a car, it's not just any car. The Toyota Aygo X has the power to bring you the ultimate driving experience. This prize cannot be compared with money - it's an opportunity to experience luxury and speed in your own way!

Get ready for the ride of your life and win your voucher today. Be a part of this amazing giveaway and become a lucky winner - The Toyota Aygo X is waiting for you!