Turn football knowledge into money!

ANDEAVA, a game based on the performance of football players in the First League of Montenegro, is ready for all football fans eager to turn their knowledge into cash prizes.

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Photo: Andeava
Photo: Andeava

The Montenegrin market has recently been richer in products that have attracted the attention of football fans. ANDEAVA, a game based on the performance of football players in the First League of Montenegro, is ready for all football fans eager to turn their knowledge into cash prizes.

Dejan Damjanović, the legendary forward of the Montenegrin national team, who is a consultant in the development of the ANDEAVA project, has more information about the new product related to Montenegrin football. Dejan made his many years of football experience available to make ANDEAVA the best football simulation.

Dejan Damjanovic
photo: Andeava

Dejan, we haven't seen or listened to you much since you stopped playing football...

I needed some time for myself and my family after I decided to end my professional career. I spent time with my family, enjoyed things I didn't have the opportunity to enjoy during my 20-year long career, but also started projects that are "life after football". In addition to the construction business, which I have been in for several years, I help clubs from our region in bringing players from South Korea and I am a consultant in the process of developing a start-up business in Montenegro that is focused on Montenegrin football.

The story about the start-up project related to Montenegrin football sounds very interesting. Can you tell us more about that?

The game in question is based on the performance of players in real life at matches of the First Montenegrin Football League. Basically, it's the evolution of fantasy football, where you can earn real money thanks to your knowledge of Montenegrin football. For me, it's a simulation of a manager's job in football. That's exactly the beauty of this project – it simulates real football in a way I've never seen before. Everything is up to you, everything depends on your approach. You can be a manager who invests in the future and invests in young players or a manager who opts for the stars of the league… You can sell your key players and make a profit or choose to keep them with the aim of promotion to a higher competition… Many challenges I heard about during professional careers in conversations with managers or clubs will appear in front of you during gameplay. It's the closest you can get to real football through a single game.

And what is most important and best in the whole story – it is the first game that is completely focused on our First League. I believe that it is a big step forward for Montenegrin and football in general.

The assessment that ANDEAVA represents a step forward for football globally is, perhaps, exaggerated.

Well, I wouldn't say it's excessive. It's not just a game. ANDEAVA is not based on capitalistic thinking and an egocentric model, in which only the elite profit. ANDEAVA provides an opportunity for everyone to participate and provides adequate profit sharing, not only to the elite but also as we say to the common people. We want to include all people, the complete football family, having the fans in focus, which is often not the case in capitalist models. ANDEAVA is not only open to millionaires but also to fans and "normal" people. In a way, this is also a reminder of the past of our region, a period in which everything was shared, and I am extremely glad that fate decided to start with this story from Montenegro.

At the end of the conversation, do you have a message for our readers?

Join the ANDEAVA community, start an interesting journey, show your knowledge and earn money thanks to it. Everything depends on you, your commitment and knowledge. So assemble your team and show how much you can in the first ANDEAVA season!