Gold Audi!

Volcano gift for your loyalty!

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Photo: Vesuvius Volcano
Photo: Vesuvius Volcano
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People, Gold Audi, the gold race has started!

Volcano slot machine clubs in the period from 15.05. until July 10.07.2024, XNUMX. season-opening qualifiers for four-wheeled luxury.

Car brand Audi A3 Limousine 35 TFSI S-tronic is the main target of your coupons.

How can you qualify?

You qualify for participation in the prize game by winning coupons in any of our Volacno automat clubs.

The number of coupons you can win is not limited. The more you play, the more chances you have to be among the drawn finalists.

The Grand Golden Final is scheduled for July 18.07.2024, XNUMX. and maybe you will be rewarded with a luxury four-wheeler.

The journey to driving in style begins here!

Have crazy fun and drive your awesome prize, a Gold Audi gift for your loyalty.

Good luck!!