Cedevita Olimpija defeated Partizan before coming to Podgorica, the third defeat of the "black and white" in the ABA league

Cedevita Olimpija - Partizan 95:91

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Klemen Prepelič, Photo: Cedevita Olimpija/Filip Barbalic
Klemen Prepelič, Photo: Cedevita Olimpija/Filip Barbalic

Basketball players of Cedevita Olimpija defeated Partizan tonight (95:91) in the derby of the eighth round of the Admiralbet ABA League.

Cedevita Olimpija and Partizan played another good match, which was decided in the finish - the home team led 93:91, and then Stujart scored for 95:91. There were 44 seconds left until the end, Partizan went on the attack, Naneli missed a three-pointer and there was no time for a turnaround.

Partizan was the first to gain a significant advantage in the match - after the 7:0 series it was 24:17 for the "black and white", and after Bruno Kabokl's point, the current champion of the ABA League had a maximum advantage of nine points - 37:28.

The home team responded to Partizan's advantage with 11 tied points and a turnover, so after Klemen Prepelić's point from the penalty, Cedevita Olimpija took the lead 39:37.

The team from Ljubljana took a 63:58 lead in the third quarter after six tied points, Partizan answered and reversed (65:63), and led for the last time at the end of the 3rd period when it was 71:68. Then Cedevita Olimpija scored eight points (76:71), and Partizan equalized three minutes before the end (87:87). But that was all from the "black and whites", who tonight suffered their third defeat in the ABA league and were without Aleksa Avramović, who injured his nose in the first half and did not play again.

Jaka Blažič was the most effective for Cedevita Olimpija with 29 points. Klemen Prepelic scored 18 points, with 11 assists, and Sean Jones had 17 points.

With Partizan, Frenk Kaminski was the most effective with 20 points and seven rebounds. Zach Leday had 17 points.

Partizan last celebrated in Ljubljana at the end of 2018.

In the next round (Saturday, 19), Cedevita Olimpija will play in Podgorica against Budućnosti.

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