Marnar did not even threaten in Laktaši, an easy victory for Igokea

Barani defeated 84:64 in the 10th round of the AdmiralBet ABA League

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Photo: KK Igokea
Photo: KK Igokea

As in most games this season, the Mariners' basketball players did not look like a team that has the quality to play in the AdmiralBet ABA League.

As expected - Barani easily lost in Laktaši from Igokea - 84:64 (22:13, 25:12, 18:13, 19:21).

Mihai Pavićević's players closed the racket poorly, allowing the basketball players of the home team a lot of easy points, while on the other hand, the Rams persistently tried to find space in the three-point shot. Often and forced shots and the epilogue - as many as 16 missed shots for three points.

The home team had a 19-point advantage three minutes before the end of the third quarter, slowed down the pace and mostly used the space under the racket to score easily, so only Milosavljević in Igoke had less than 50 percent of his shots for two points.

The most effective player in the winning team was Tanasković with 19 pawns, Mudi and Milosavljević added 10 each, who scored three to make it 3-2.

At Baran, Weathers scored 13, Dan Martin 12, Waller 11 and Luis 10 points.

Igokea is first in the table with a score of eight wins and two losses, Barani are last and with nine losses they have only one triumph.

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