Five minutes of eclipse and dominant plus 19 in Čačak: The future is convincing against Borac

The seventh victory of the "blues" in the AdmiralBet ABA League

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Photo: KK Borac/Duško Radišić
Photo: KK Borac/Duško Radišić

The seventh victory was not in question, although the basketball players of Buducnost in Čačak had a "hole" in the game that lasted a little more than five minutes - from the middle of the second quarter to the beginning of the third.

In that period, Borac went from minus 15 to plus one, but the Podgorica team had enough time to collect themselves and justify their role as favorites against Morava - they celebrated 86:67 for the second triumph in four games since Andrej Žakelj sat on the bench.

Budućnost opened the game well, leading 15:2, then 20:7, but Borac slowly picked up the attacking rhythm and started causing problems for the Montenegrin champion.

The advantage was melting, in the second quarter, Žakelj's two time-outs in the space of two and a half minutes didn't help, and Aleksa Uskoković put an end to Buducnosti's desperate period with a basket from the three-point line from his half with the sound of the siren when he scored for 34: 35.

A basket by Tajlan Birst at the beginning of the third quarter gave Borac the lead for the first time (36:35) and from that moment there were only Budućnosti basketball players on the field.

In three minutes, they reached plus 10 (48:38), and later a series of 12:0 followed for an unattainable 68:49...

"It's never easy in Čačak, but after the tiring journey from the Canary Islands, we did as much as we could with one training session and had the right approach. The focus was good, and that's the most important thing," said Žakelj and added:

"We started the game well. Then the quality came to the fore and we have to continue with this focus," said the Slovenian expert.

Buducnost is visiting Lietkabelis in the Eurocup on Wednesday, and the debut of Jogi Ferel is expected, and next Saturday FMP will visit Morač.

Džakori Williams had 15 points, Vladimir Mihailović 12, Petar Popović and Joan Makunda 11 each...

BORAC - THE FUTURE LOVES 67:86 (11:20, 23:15, 15:30, 18:21)

Cacak - Hall "Borac". Spectators: 2.000. Judges: Damir Javor (Slovenia), Milan Nedović (Slovenia), Luka Kardum (Croatia).

Fighter: REBRAČA 3 (4-3), SEGU 14 (6-4), BIRTS 4, Tasić 22 (8-6), Radović, Tomašević, Talić, FRANKLIN 9 (4-3), Uskoković 15 (3-2) , Todorović, ČARAPIĆ, Manojlović.

Budućnost Voli: MIHAILOVIĆ 12, Ilić, Ros 7 (2-1), SLAVKOVIĆ 9 (2-2), MAKUNDU 11 (2-1), Grbović 3, JONES 10 (2-0), Jagodić Kuridža 2 (2-2 ), Williams 15 (4-3), WRIGHT 4 (2-2), Popović 11, Pol 2.

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