In "Morača" there is a real derby tomorrow, SC Derby is playing for supremacy over Mega

SC Derby tomorrow from 18:10 in "Morača", in the XNUMXth round of AdmiralBet ABA League welcomes Mega

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Bogavac knows that there must be no relaxation against Mega, Photo: KK SC Derbi/Filip Roganović
Bogavac knows that there must be no relaxation against Mega, Photo: KK SC Derbi/Filip Roganović

Surrounded by the first victory over FMP in Belgrade, SC Derbi expects an even bigger challenge, as it welcomes Mega in the 10th round of the AdmiralBet ABA League. The two teams enter the match with equal points in the standings, with five wins and four losses in the regional basketball league so far.

"Students" know what kind of challenge they will face tomorrow from 18:XNUMX in SC "Morača".

"Mega is really an aggressive team in both directions, in attack, but they are especially determined in defense. Statistically, Mega is the second defense of the ABA League. We have to go with the mentality and thinking like the one in the game with FMP, with a lot of energy and we have to play our signature game. Running, a lot of aggressiveness in defense. Although I admit that we didn't really have enough time to prepare the way I want. However, the boys are doing everything to do a good job in training and I hope we can carry that into the game ", said Dejan Jakara, coach of SC Derby.

In the head-to-head duels, Mega is in the lead because it won three out of four games. The "students" won their only victory over Mega in front of their audience, where the score was 1:1.

"On Monday, we have a match against an unpleasant team from Mega, which is young and very talented. They play fast basketball, but we have to focus on our game and correct the mistakes from the match with FMP in this match. I think we can win , but only on the condition that we are focused during most of the match, and have the necessary level of energy", believes the 20-year-old defender of the "students" Luka Bogavac.

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