Fenerbahce: Madar complained of partial loss of vision

Besiktas fans hit Madar in the head with a hard object

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Jam Madar, Photo: Euroleague.net
Jam Madar, Photo: Euroleague.net

Fenerbahçe basketball player Jam Madar partially lost his sight after yesterday's incident in the match against Beşiktaş in the Turkish Super League.

Besiktas fans hit Madar in the head with a hard object during yesterday's game, and Fenerbahce announced that the Israeli basketball player complained of partial loss of vision.

"In the first half of the match, one of the many objects thrown from the stands hit our basketball player Jama Madar in the head. Our player, who had to go to the locker room in this part of the match, continued to play the second half after the intervention of the doctor and his strong desire to return to the game. After the match, our basketball player complained of a partial loss of vision. Madar's condition will be clear after additional examinations. We want Madara to recover quickly," announced Fenerbahce.

Fenerbahçe did not announce whether or how long Madar will take a break after this incident.

Dimitris Itudis' team lost this match 68:64.

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