Radović and Mihailović before Sweden: We have an imperative to win

Tomorrow (19) Montenegro will play Sweden in the second round of Eurobasket qualifiers in Morača

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Mihailović, Photo: FIBA
Mihailović, Photo: FIBA
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Germany is archived, the Montenegrin national basketball team continues qualifying for Eurobasket - Boško Radović's team will welcome Sweden tomorrow (19) in Podgorica, in the second round.

There is not much time to prepare for the match. The national team arrived from Germany yesterday, today they will do two training sessions and try to prepare as well as possible for the upcoming duel, which has been marked as very important since the beginning of the meeting.

"First of all, I would like to look back at the match in Germany, where practically nothing was good. The attitude, solidity, defense, attack, so that no basketball segment was good. But, that also happens. In truth, this national team very rarely , because the last time we had a bad performance was six or seven years ago. It's clear that it wouldn't be good if it happened again, but I hope it won't. We rested a bit and are preparing for the match with Sweden," said coach Boško Radović.

At the start of the qualification, Sweden convincingly beat Bulgaria (84:70). And that is one of the reasons why this match is very important for our team.

"Even though it is only the second round, I can freely say that it is a game that can pretty much determine the further course of these qualifications. That is why we are under the imperative to win against Sweden, which is a good national team, even though it is weakened, without two players who are very important for them. Against Bulgaria, they showed that they are a good national team, very precise, accurate in both directions, both in defense and in attack. It is a selection that is made up of a lot of good players, both from their league and from other European leagues, especially from Spain, so we are expecting a difficult match in which we will have to do our best to win," warns Radović.

The selector expects the reaction of the team after the convincing defeat against Germany.

"It happens to much bigger national teams that they play a bad game, but on the other hand, Montenegro is not exactly someone who can win or play equal games with the world, European and Olympic champions several times a year. It is also clear that this is not the team from last time summer, three important players are missing, but what is there is. We have played with combined squads before. However, I expect a reaction, because what was in Germany was not good, so I expect a different approach and a completely different match for us." said the selector.

Radović invited the fans to come to "Morača". Entrance is free.

"I invite the fans of our national team to come and fill up 'Morača', because the fans have always been our sixth player in this hall and were very important for us. I believe that there are no favorites in this game, because these are two completely equal teams, so every spectator who comes will be of help to us, concluded Radović.

Like the coach, captain Vladimir Mihailović believes that Montenegro has an imperative to win.

"After the start of the qualifiers and the first round against one, I can say favored Germany, where we were absolutely far from a level that we should strive for and that I think we can achieve, we have a match against Sweden. It is definitely a difficult team, but with considering that we are playing at home, in front of our fans, we have an imperative to win," said Mihailović.

The captain expects a full "Morača".

"We all know how much support is needed from the stands. I think it's good that the entrance will be free, and I would also use this opportunity to invite all the fans to come in as many as possible and help us. I think this can be a very important victory and a big step towards placement, so support is very important to us," stressed Mihailović.

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