SC Derby dreams of a surprise

SC Derby basketball players welcome Crvena zvezda in the second match of the quarterfinals of the AdmiralBet ABA League (18.30:XNUMX p.m.), after seven days ago in Belgrade, they were one step away from a sensation.

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"Students" during the match with Zvezda in Belgrade, Photo: ABA
"Students" during the match with Zvezda in Belgrade, Photo: ABA
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In the face of the quarter-final series against the leader of the AdmiralBet ABA League, the SC Derby basketball players did not "think" of the threat to Crvena Zvezda before the match in the Belgrade Arena. They only wanted to give their maximum, in the end the victory slipped away from them literally in the last shot.

And the question of who belongs to the role of favorite before the second game (today at 18.30:18 p.m. in "Morača") among the "students" does not arise, regardless of the fact that in Belgrade they had a big advantage of XNUMX points and were the better team for three quarters.

- Zvezda will be more prepared in the second leg, but we have to enter with more confidence. It was a very difficult defeat for us in Belgrade, we did not expect to look so good in three quarters. We were much better, but in the end it was the individual quality of Zvezda that decided. That decided the game - said Derby coach Dejan Jakara.

Racket control and as few lost balls as possible are the recipe to match Zvezda, claims the Slovenian expert.

- We expect more pressure, pressing on the player with the ball from the very beginning. We have to prepare well for that. We are confident that we can play with them in a certain period of the game, that's why I tell the players when the rival steps up that we also have to play with more focus and energy. That's the only way to surprise - concluded Jakara.

In Belgrade it was 83:81 after a big upset, and the "students" now dream of returning the series to the capital of Serbia. The master would play on Friday...

- From the beginning, we started the game in a strong rhythm, held a high advantage, and had a significant advantage... Unfortunately, we did not last until the end and it remains a pity that we did not surprise them - said SC Derby defender Mateo Drežnjak.

The star is certainly not threatened.

- We will try to enter the game in the same way, but also not to allow lost balls in the finish, and especially not a jump in the opponent's attack. We also have to respond to their pressure, then we could hope for a triumph - said Drežnjak.

"Red and white" know that they have to be careful.

- In the first match, we were far from the game and the rhythm we want to impose. In the finish, however, we achieved an important triumph - said Zvezda basketball player Dejan Davidovac, who added:

- We know that we have a very high-quality team against us - he showed that on several occasions, including in the last match in Belgrade. We have to play much better than in that duel, to be tougher and more energetic. We want to end the quarter-final series in Podgorica - Davidovac is clear.

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