The future does not want the series to be prolonged

Andrej Žakelj's team leads 2:0 in the final against SC Derby, the third game is played on Sunday - if they celebrate, they will defend the title of champion of Montenegro

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Duel between Kamenjaš and Ivišić, Photo: KK SC Derbi
Duel between Kamenjaš and Ivišić, Photo: KK SC Derbi
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The season started with the AdmiralBet Supercup of the ABA League, then the ABA itself started, then the Eurocup, then the Montenegrin Cup...

The Buducnost Volija basketball players went through all of this with more or less success before waiting for the chance to come one step closer to winning their first trophy at the end of May.

It seems that he cannot escape them after the first two games of the final series of the domestic championship playoffs against SC Derby - they lead 2:0 and tomorrow from 18:XNUMX they have a chance to put an end and defend the title.

The team is running out of strength, it is also weakened by not playing several foreigners, but after the triumph on Thursday (90:82) as a formal guest in "Morača", it is clear to everyone that the cup is within reach.

- It was a different game compared to the first one, which we completely controlled. The defense was far from what we wanted - we played very soft and Derby took advantage of that. In the continuation, we turned things around thanks to better control of the jump, but these five or six players were worn out a lot and it is important that we recover - said the coach of the "blues" Andrej Žakelj.

The already short rotation was shortened by not playing captain Petar Popović.

- I don't know when he will return. He has a problem, I hope he will get better and that he will be able to help us - added the Slovenian expert.

Buducnost entered the final series without Joan Makundu, Marvin Jones, Alerik Freeman, Nikola Tanasković and Alerik Freeman. Makundu and Tanasković are registered for the final...

- When there is no Popović, we cannot move a defender from the team, then there would be too few of them. That's my decision and I think it works - said Žakelj.

The back line made the difference in the second game - McKinley Wright sparked the Future in the second half and scored a total of 28 points, Yogi Ferrell scored 19.

- We want to finish everything in three games, because we lack energy. We need to regenerate, to share the minutes, because if the series continues, we will definitely have problems - Žakelj is clear.

SC Derbi won two trophies this season (in the Super Cup of the ABA League and the Cup of Montenegro), for the third one it needs a miracle.

- We reacted well after the first game and showed more desire. We had control, played smartly and hit shots, but then we started to lose control in the jump and it was increasingly difficult to follow Wright and Ferrell in "one-on-one" situations - said the coach of the "students" Dejan Jakara.

The last quarter was very bad for Jakara's team.

- Inexperience and desire cost us. My players need experience to turn such matches in our favor - says Jakara and concludes:

- We will try to change something else. The future responded well to our tactics, but we also became impatient... We have to be smart in the key moments.

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