Three more European participants are known: Italy will defend the title, Slovenia is on the lookout for the second time in history, the Czech Republic is also going to Germany.

Italy played 0:0 with Ukraine, Slovenia beat Kazakhstan (2:1), and the Czech Republic beat Moldova (3:0).

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Kjeza, Photo: Reuters
Kjeza, Photo: Reuters

The football teams of Italy, Slovenia and the Czech Republic qualified tonight for the European Championship (EP), which will be held in Germany next year.

The current European champion, Italy, tonight in Leverkusen, in a direct clash to go to the Euro, played without goals against Ukraine (0:0), and the point was enough for them to qualify for the continental competition.

The "Azuri" had a good chance in the seventh minute when Chieza was inaccurate, Fratesi could have scored, while the Ukrainians had the best chance in the second half, Mudrik shot, but Donarum saved it.

Italy will be in the fourth hat at the draw. The draw is on the second of December.

And Slovenia beat Kazakhstan 2:1 in another direct clash in Ljubljana. Slovenia qualified for the Euros for the second time in history, and participated for the first time in 2000.

The Slovenians took the lead in the 41st minute Šeška, Kazakhstan equalized in 48, and the scorer was Orazov, to set the final result Verbic in the 86rd minute.

The Czechs beat Moldova (3:0) at home, and the scorers were Douder, Chori i Soucek.

North Macedonia and England played to a draw (1:1) in Skopje. The Macedonians took the lead with a goal Bardia, and then it is Atanasov scored an own goal. The English previously secured placement at the EP.

Standings provided by Sofascore
Standings provided by Sofascore
Standings provided by Sofascore

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