Draw for LN in February: The new format gives the "falcons" more chances to advance, but it will also be more difficult to save League B

Uefa set the date of the draw for the fourth edition of the League of Nations - the new season brings several changes, and Montenegro will wait for its rivals in League B from the third hat

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Illustration, Photo: Shutterstock
Illustration, Photo: Shutterstock

UEFA's youngest competition, the League of Nations, will turn the fourth page next year, and the European house of football announced that the draw for the new edition will take place on February 8 in Paris.

The French capital has stepped in as the venue to complete the groups in Leagues A, B, C and D, after a scandal involving Spanish FA president Luis Rubiales saw Madrid drop out.

The new edition of the League of Nations will also be somewhat different from the previous ones, after UEFA made several changes earlier.

The first concerns the strongest League A, and it is about the introduction of quarter-final duels. Until now, only the winners from the groups of that league went to the final tournament, where they fought to win the League of Nations, and now the two best selections from the four groups will advance.

Montenegro will play the League of Nations in League B for the second time in a row, and unlike previous years, they will now have two opportunities to advance in the elite. As before, the winners of all four groups will finish in League A, and the novelty is that those who finish in second place will play a play-off against the third-placed selections from League A.

The last-placed national teams in the group are eliminated from League B, and unlike previous editions, there will be no peaceful survival of the selections that finish in third place - they will face a showdown with the teams that take second place in League C.

League of Nations
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Montenegro in the third hat, a possible duel with England

Our national team is waiting for the draw for League B in Paris from the third hat, and its toughest potential rival could be England, which was relegated from League A during the previous edition.

Apart from "proud Albion", the first hat also includes Austria, the Czech Republic and Wales, in the second there are Finland, Ukraine, Iceland and Norway, and in addition to the "falcons" in the third are Slovenia, Albania and Ireland. The last fourth hat is completed by Turkey, Georgia, Greece and Kazakhstan.

Norway is a possible rival to Stevan Jovetić and his friends in LN
Norway is a possible rival to Stevan Jovetić and his friends in LNphoto: Savo Prelevic

Thin hope for the 2026 World Cup.

The League of Nations will also be connected with the European qualifiers for the World Cup this time, but unlike the battles for the European championships, the hope of reaching the World Cup in 2026 is very small.

In the playoff for the planetary championship, which will be organized by the USA, Mexico and Canada, there will be 12 second-placed national teams from the qualifiers and only four best-ranked teams from the League of Nations.

However, previous editions have shown that Montenegro should not take lightly the chances that the League of Nations offers for major competitions.

The new edition of the Nations League starts in September 2024, the group stage will end in November, while March 2025 is reserved for the quarter-final matches of League A and other play-off matches. The battles for the trophy of this competition will take place in June, and the cup is defended by Spain.

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