Crash of the Future in Pljevlje - Miner shocked the champion, Sutjeska and Arsenal drew for the 3rd time, victories of Sailors and Jedinstva

Dečić, who welcomes Petrovac on Sunday from 17.30:XNUMX p.m., has a chance to take first place in the table with a victory

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Photo: FSCG
Photo: FSCG
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A big surprise in the 21st round of the Meridianbet First Montenegrin Football League - Rudar outplayed and convincingly defeated Budućnost (3:0) in Pljevlja.

Pljevlja took advantage of the defeat of Mladosta by Mornar (2:1) and left the team from Donja Gorica in last place in the table.

On the other hand, Budućnost broke the streak of nine matches without defeat in the domestic championship. Mladen Milinković's team last lost to Dečić (1:0) on the first of October last year. The team from Tuzi, which welcomes Petrovac tomorrow (17:30 p.m.), has the opportunity to overtake Budućnost and take first place in the standings.

Today, Rudar took the lead in the 11th minute, after the first chance - the defense of Budućnost lost the ball, and Petar Bogdanović, after an assist from Appia, beat Djordje Pavličić.

In the first half, Bogdanović had another good chance to double the advantage, he shot from ten meters, but it was inaccurate.

Budućnost didn't have a chance to equalize in the first half, but in the second half they didn't manage to threaten the hosts too much, who scored the second goal in the 49th minute - the visitors lost the ball in the midfield, the home team went on the counter, the returnee from Sutjeska, Dušan Živković combined with Bogdanović, shot from the edge of the penalty area, the ball caught a Budućnost player, tricked Pavličić and ended up in the net.

After that, Budućnost only had a chance through Despotović, but the ball ended up wide of the goal. Mladen Milinković's team failed to score a goal, but they conceded one more until the end - Stefan Golubović scored a nice goal with a precise shot from the edge of the penalty area in the 87th minute and set the final score.

Marnar defeated Mladost 2:1 after a turnaround at the "DG Arena".

The home team took the lead in the 47th minute when Anđelko Jovanović was accurate from the penalty spot, and Barani equalized in the 63rd when Balša Dubljević shot, and the ball then bounced to Balša Vukotić, who shook the net.

The final result was set by reserve Marko Đurišić in the 78th. Đuršić shot from about twenty meters, Mladost goalkeeper Suad Ličina reacted weakly to continue the series of Sailors (in the last four rounds they have three wins and a draw), which keeps the third place.

Celebration of football players Mornar
Celebration of football players Mornarphoto: FSCG

Sutjeska lost a step behind Mornar after a draw with Arsenal near Bistrica - 1:1. It was the third draw in the duels between Nikšić and Tivčan this season...

At the beginning of the second half, Sutjeska took the lead with the mastery of Veljko Batrović, who hit the far corner of Bojan Zogović's goal from about twenty meters away, and Darko Nikač scored the final goal in the 86th minute.

The home team had two great chances in the third minute of stoppage time, but Arsenal's point was saved by Zogović, who stopped the shots of Srđan Krstović and Dragan Grivić.

Aleksa Ćetković (Arsenal) in a duel with Vojin Pavlović (Sutjeska)
Aleksa Ćetković (Arsenal) in a duel with Vojin Pavlović (Sutjeska)photo: FSCG

The second triumph in the spring part of the championship was won by Jedinstvo - after Rudar at home, now it was better than Jezera in Berane - 3:0.

Milisav Perošević in the 18th minute and Žarko Korać in the 68th minute gave the guests a big advantage, while Ermin Imamović put an end to the triumph with an own goal in stoppage time, trying to return the ball to goalkeeper Igor Asanović.

This is the second consecutive defeat for Plavlja...

Dečić and Petrovac close the round on Sunday (17.30:XNUMX p.m.). If they celebrate, Tuzani will take first place from Buducnost.


Miner - Future 3:0

Petar Bogdanović 11, Dušan Živković 49, Stefan Golubović 87.

Sutjeska Meridianbet - Arsenal 1:1

Veljko Batrović 55 - Darko Nikač 86.

Mladost - Sailor 1:2

Anđelko Jovanović (penalty) 47 - Balša Vukotić 63, Marko Đurišić 78.

Jezero - Jedinstvo Franca 0:3

Milisav Perošević 18, Žarko Korać 68, Ermin Imamović (own goal) 90+1.


Dečić AdmiralBet - Petrovac 17.30

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