"Dribbling" of the Montenegrin coach, which was seen by 10 million people

Korfakan is playing well in the league of the United Arab Emirates, they won today, but there is talk of Nebojsa Jovović's move to the bench last weekend.

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Photo: Private archive
Photo: Private archive
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Montenegrin coach Nebojša Jovović is doing well in the Emirates - his Korfakan beat Hata 2:0 today and climbed to seventh place out of 14 clubs.

Two wins and a draw in the last three rounds, enough to escape from the danger zone of "Montenegro" Korfakan, where Marko Jovanović and Blažo Igumanović sit on the bench next to Jovović.

As important as the victory was, the attention of the media in the Arab world, but also beyond, was attracted by Jovovic's "move" in the Cup match against the favorite Al Nasr, last week...

While the rival was desperately looking for victory in the finish line, the ball rolled to the Montenegrin coach, who showed mastery in action - with skillful dribbling, he "made" the opposing footballer, saving a little time...

The opponent protested, the referee also reacted, and Jovović's gentlemanly apology arrived.

This tribute by the Montenegrin coach on the Instagram page that posted the video was viewed by 10 million people!

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