Milinković after a heavy defeat: We were rocked by two lost points against Dečić

"We didn't expect the kind of start we had in the opening two rounds. I thought that the result from the first round would have no consequences, but it's obvious that I was wrong," said the coach of Budućnosti after the defeat against Rudar in Pljevlja (3:0).

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Photo: FSCG
Photo: FSCG
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Only a point in the first two spring rounds, against rivals with different "profiles" - Dečić, who is fighting for the title and Rudar, who is fighting for survival - is far from the ambitions of the greatly strengthened Budućnost.

The people of Podgorica were beaten to the bone today in Pljevlje (3:0 for Rudar), so on Sunday they can remain without first place if Dečić celebrates against Petrovac.

"First of all, I congratulate Rudar on their well-deserved victory and wish them the best of luck in the championship. We knew, and we said before the game, that the position in the table and the results so far do not reflect the quality of Rudar and - unfortunately - we felt that on our own skin," Buducnosti coach Mladen Milinković told the club's website.

His players were barren, anemic...

"We weren't convincing, we didn't manage to convert the few chances we created, so we can only congratulate our opponent."

Bubućnost welcomes Jezero on Wednesday (18 p.m.), it has a chance to record its first victory in the second part of the season.

"Honestly, we didn't expect the start we had in the opening two rounds. I thought that the result from the first round would not affect the team, but it is obvious that I was wrong. We were quite shaken by two lost points against Dečić after a great game in the first half, but it's up to us to return to normal and win as soon as possible, because that's the only way we can achieve our goals," Milinković is clear.

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