Montenegro thrilled in Belfast, Northern Ireland feared for passage

Mirko Marić's team took the lead with a goal by Medina Dešić in the 66th minute, and the home team equalized seven minutes later - 1:1. Judged the first match in Podgorica, which Northern Ireland won 2:0, to stay in the B League of Nations.

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Photo: Facebook/Northern Ireland National Team
Photo: Facebook/Northern Ireland National Team
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A great edition of the Montenegrin soccer players in Belfast, a great result as well, and a dignified end to the playoffs for the B League of Nations.

Mirko Marić's team played 1:1 with Northern Ireland, the big favorite, which they outplayed during most of the match, they also had the lead, but were eliminated due to the defeat in Podgorica four days ago (2:0).

The best football players of Montenegro showed that they have quality, that they have "squeak" in the game, the courage to face a team with a better rating and enter into an open fight, on the beautiful stage of the stadium "Windsor Park" in Belfast.

The "Reds" were even hoping for a sensation, when Medina Dešić scored a header after a corner in the 66th minute to make it 1:1, they made the favorites to fear at least a little for the final outcome. The equalizer, however, came too quickly, just seven minutes later...

What was missing? One would say, only the competitive form, the fact that most of the football players of Northern Ireland play in stronger leagues was perhaps the only difference in the double match.

In any case, Slađana Bulatović and her friends once again showed how much progress they have made.

Our girls played a great first half and it's a shame they didn't crown it with a goal.

Armisa Kuč had the best chance in the eighth minute, and Jasna Đoković, Medina Dešić also threatened...

On the other side, the home side were harmless until the first minute of stoppage time, when the great goalkeeper Anastasija Krstović saved the shot, and Maja Saranović cleared the danger.

In the continuation, Montenegro was better, and the goal was the crown - an excellent corner by Jelena Karličić and a reaction header by Medina Dešić.

Ours "survived" the crossbar of the Aston Villa footballer Simon Magill just three minutes later, goalkeeper Krstović also helped with a great shot defense by Daniel Maxwell, but they could not remedy the following situation.

Anastasija Krstović made the only mistake in this match, and Magil punished her misjudgment when running out - 1:1.

It didn't end there either, 16-year-old Maša Tomašević effectively shot the lower left corner diagonally from the top of the penalty area, it was saved by Madison Harvey Clifford.

Montenegro: Anastasija Krstović - Jovana Sarić (46. Aleksandra Popović), Maja Saranović, Helena Božić, Tatjana Đurković (76. Maša Tomašević), Jelena Karličić, Darija Đukić, Jasna Đoković (90+1. Jelena Vujadinović), Slađana Bulatović, Medina Dešić, Armisa Kuč.

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