Crisis of Future: Defeat from Jezera as well, Dečić with a "discount" for Mladost to first place, Sutjeska celebrated

Tuzani beat Mladost DG (3:0) with a strange resistance from the local players, and talk will be about Dečić's first goal and the reaction of the local stopper Zvonk Ceklić. Buducnost lost in Podgorica od Jezera 1:0, Sutjeska beat Jedinstvo 1:0 in Bijelo Polje. Petrovac and Rudar played to a draw (1:1), as did Mornar and Arsenal (0:0).

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Buducnost lost first place, Photo: FSCG
Buducnost lost first place, Photo: FSCG
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Change at the top of the MeridianBet First Montenegrin Football League - Dečić AdmiralBet defeated Mladost Lob.Bet away (22:3) in the 0nd round, in a match that will be retold for a long time, and took first place from Budućnost, which lost under Gorica to Jezera 1:0.

Buducnost still doesn't know about a victory in the second part of the season - after a draw with Dečić (2:2), Mladen Milinković's team lost convincingly against Rudar (3:0) last week, and tonight minimally against Jezera, which in previous seasons also knew that is celebrating under Gorica, which tonight recorded its first victory in the second part of the season.

Dečić easily reached the victory at the "DG Arena", and he took the lead after a goal that Montenegro is talking about. At the end of the first half, the concentration of the home players suddenly dropped, so the visiting players got open corridors towards the goal. They did not manage to shake the net from several chances, but they did in the third minute of stoppage time in the first half - Bojan Matić received the ball a few meters from the goal, turned, shot, and Mladost Zvonko Ceklić took cover, so the ball went under his leg and ended up in the net. Such a goal was seen live by Montenegro via TV broadcast, and Ceklić was replaced at halftime.

Even before the goal, Tuzani created chances, Milorad Peković's players were alone in front of the home team's goal on several occasions, Draško Božović hit the crossbar, and excellent opportunities were not realized by Mario Đoljaj and Nenad Gavrić. Dečić finished the first half with 12 shots on the opponent's goal.

The guests solved the question of the winner, if there was one at all, in the finish - first, Matija Božanović scored a goal after a corner in the 87th minute, and a minute later Oliver Šarkić entered the list of scorers, who set the final score.

And the footballers of Buducnosti are still waiting for a victory in the second part of the season. Jezero knew how to surprise the "blues" in Podgorica before, and tonight they scored the only goal in the 68th minute - Marko Šimun crossed, the goalkeeper of Budućnost, Filip Domazetović, deflected the ball straight to Petar Pavlićević, who shook the net.

Buducnost missed chances in the first half, young Vasilije Adžić didn't use three good chances, and Đorđe Despotović was also inaccurate. In the center of attention was Jezer's goalkeeper, Igor Asanović, who had several excellent interventions.

In the second half as well, Budućnost attacked, had the initiative, and then in the 68th minute there was a shock and a goal by Pavlićević.

The players of Buducnosti attacked, the chances were few and far between, but the net of Jezera was at rest.

Sutjeska MeridianBet finally won, defeating Jedinstvo Franca in Bijelo Polje - 1:0.

The only goal was scored by Anto Babić, with a header in the 31st minute, after a cross from Veljko Batrović.

It was also the only real opportunity in the first half. In the second half, Dragan Mijanović's team could score a second goal, but Dušan Vuković didn't use the best chance, who, after a combination with Batrović, shot straight at goalkeeper Sergej Joksimović. Apart from Vuković, chances were missed by Žižić, Batrović and Milić.

In the 61st minute, Sutjeska scored a second goal, but that goal was disallowed because, according to the referee, Srđan Krstović was offside.

And the home team could have scored - in the 77th minute, Alija Krnić, after a pass from Žarko Korać, got in front of Stojan Vukčević, who reacted and made a great save. Vukčević replaced the injured captain of Nikšić, Vladan Giljen, at halftime.

Sutjeska welcomes Budućnost in the next round on Sunday (17:30).

Petrovac and Rudar played to a draw (1:1), and there was no winner in the match between Sailors and Arsenal (0:0).

Petrovac took the lead against Rudar in the 45th minute when Nikola Zvrko scored a goal with a header, while Aleksa Golubović scored a point for Rudar with a precise shot from distance in the 71st minute.


Jedinstvo Franca - Sutjeska MeridianBet 0:1

Anto Babić 31.

Mladost Lob.Bet - Dečić AdmiralBet 0:3

Bojan Matić 45+3, Matija Božanović 87, Oliver Šarkić 88.

Petrovac - Rudar 1:1

Nikola Zvrko 45 - Aleksa Golubović 71.

Sailor - Arsenal 0:0

Buducnost - Jezero 0:1

Petar Pavlićević 68.

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