Milinković: The situation is serious

Buducnost lost to Jezera (1:0) in the 22nd round of MeridianBet 1. CFL. "Blues" are without a win in the second part of the season, and in the next round, on Sunday (17:30), they will play against Sutjeska in Nikšić.

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Mladen Milinković, Photo: FK Budućnost
Mladen Milinković, Photo: FK Budućnost
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The future is in crisis - the current champions did not win in three games in the second part of the season, and tonight, in the 22nd round of the MeridianBet First Montenegrin Football League, they lost to Jezera 1:0 at home.

At the start of the second part, Budućnost played to a draw with Dečić (2:2), then it convincingly lost to Rudar (3:0), and then tonight to Jezera, which in previous seasons also knew how to celebrate in Podgorica.

"When Buducnost doesn't win two games, it's already a serious situation, especially since those two games are consecutive. Only a point in three matches, and we played two at home - a start we couldn't have imagined even in our wildest dreams. A very unpleasant situation, we have to think carefully and find a solution as soon as possible to get out of this situation," said Budućnosti coach Mladen Milinković after the game for the club's website.

Today, the lake achieved its first triumph in the continuation of the season.

"I congratulate Jezera on the victory, in a way they may have deserved it even though they converted one single chance into a goal, but football is played for goals, and in the first half we didn't take advantage of several more likely chances. If we had, the match would certainly have gone the other way Milinković said.

Buducnost will play against Sutjeska in Nikšić on Sunday (17:30) in the next round.

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